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    Mrs Allison with Loraine and Trevor
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    Mrs Allison Mrs Straus Ms Evans and Ms Isham

    I am not sure if this has been brought up before or if its a redundant topic. But i would like to know what others think about the fates of the 4 first class women to perish. My personal opinion is Mrs. Allison was left in an impossible situation by Alice Cleaver. Being a mere 25 with a little...
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    Mrs Allison searching for her son or refused to leave her husband

    i have been doing some research on this and would like some opinions/help or any kind of co operation even if its to tell me my research has been a big waste of time lol. I have been searching for anything which says that Bess Allison was searching for Trevor. i have been told that Alice...
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    Mrs Allison and Sarah Daniels

    Someone else has probably already posted something like this, but were Mrs. Allison (nee Daniels) and her maid Sarah Daniels related at all?
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    Why did Mrs Allison panic?

    hi why did mrs allison panic when told the ship woul -ld sink??anybody no?? leonard