1. Tim Gerard

    Dry Dock Technical Drawings for Olympic Class Ships

    Are there any docking drawings still surviving today for Olympic Class ships? Preferably the Titanic but any class drawing is fine. I deal a lot with ships going in and out of dry dock and part of that includes making sure the blocks the ship sits on are put in the right place and are adjusted...
  2. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Download Titanic Deckplans

    Download a digital copy of the incredible Titanic deckplans produced by Titanic historian Bruce Beveridge the author of Titanic: The Ship Magnificent. Preview (image size in pixels, jpg format) Profile (13548 × 3600) Boat Deck (5447 × 1257) A-Deck (5909 × 1145) B-Deck (9312 × 1176) C Deck...
  3. Doe

    Staff Entrance

    Does anyone know if there was a specific staff entrance that staff would use instead of passenger entrances? It's such a minor detail but it's been aggravating me. And if so, were there like specific entrances that staff used? One for, say, the officers or the people who worked in the boiler room?
  4. T

    Titanic's Blueprints

    I need to ask some of your rivet counters a question. Where is the best place to purchase Titanic's original blueprints. I have a smaller copy of them, but the writing is so small I can barely read it. I was also looking for one that had room numbers listed on it, so that I could put into...