1. K

    Titanic lifeboat davits.

    In 1973_my boss who was a Scouser came back from lunch with a roll of blueprints that he said were last plans of the Titanic. I managed to persuade him to open the roll. He was afraid I would mix the sheets up but the sheet I wanted of the boat deck was the second sheet. I used my handbag...
  2. N

    Arrol Gantry crane plans.

    If this is the wrong place for this thread toi be posted, please have this movied. As of right now, I'm workign on and almost finished working on a shipbucket scale drawing of Arrol Gantry. I'm at the stage where I will draw the service crane. The problem is that thew only image i could find of...
  3. Dan Kappes

    Did ANTR and Cameron use actual blueprints to create their sets?

    And are they very accurate? Even though the Grand Staircase is rarely seen in ANTR, the clock looks almost as accurate as its depiction in the Cameron film.
  4. Jakob Sweeney

    Nomadic Blueprints

    So I want to make a model of the S.S. Nomadic. I need help with finding the blueprints for the Nomadic. Can i have some help please?
  5. B

    Blueprints/Scale/3d Modeling

    Hello, I am wanting to build the titanic as my first model, but I am wondering How would I Take the Deck plans and have them scaled correctly, meaning I look at the files on this website and have downloaded them but well there differnt sizes and Widths and stuff Take for instance Deck B,C...
  6. T

    French warship blueprints

    i found this site with 400+ differnt ships, and each one has the builders plans. they are all french warships - Tom [Moderator's Note: This thread has been moved here from "Technical / Construction / Design » DESIGN - General » Plans / Specifications," where it was originally posted. MAB]
  7. T

    Yamato blueprints

    HI I have read in several books that the blueprints to the Yamato were destroyed by the Japaneses before the war ended to prevent them from falling in to allied hands. But i can across this document...
  8. J

    Modern ship being built after the Mauretania blueprints

    i am currently clearing out an old shipyard in california that i recently purchased and i going to build a ship that resembles the mauretania the orignal mauretania could fit from the starboard bridge wing to the port wing and still have room the ship is named the s.s. Lucy shes 6000 ft long...
  9. T

    German war ship blueprints

    I have found this site with old German war ship plans on. Most of the files are verry large but detailed. I have also found this site with a 120 foot ships plans there are at least 500 plans on this site
  10. J

    Photo of the blueprints

    I'm doing a school report in the Lusitania, and I need one visual aid, so I thought it would be neet to make a poster showing the design of the ship. The problem is I don't know where to find a picture of the blueprints so I was wondering if anyone can send me a link or a picture of the...
  11. S

    Question about blueprints

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and would like to ask a question about some blueprints, I've already posted this question in another area but I thought it would be best to post it in the correct area. My question is in regards to the general arrangement plan from...
  12. L


    The plans as noted are of Olympic and Titanic and with the many changes made to Titanic do not represent her as she was.
  13. I

    Original blueprints for auction at BTS 2005

    According to the BBC, original blueprints taken off the Titanic before she left Cherbourg are up for sale at the Aldridge auction at BTS this year. However, these belong to William Wilson, an engineer / draughtsman who sailed on...
  14. N

    Again about blueprints

    Hi!, I'm looking for blueprints of the Titanic for making my own one, with a CAD program. If anyone has them, can you contact me please? I just add that i'm only a 18 years old so i can't spend too much money on that type of things, and i don't want to wait of having a job for paying them so...
  15. T

    Titanic's Blueprints

    I need to ask some of your rivet counters a question. Where is the best place to purchase Titanic's original blueprints. I have a smaller copy of them, but the writing is so small I can barely read it. I was also looking for one that had room numbers listed on it, so that I could put into...