boiler rooms

  1. Bobby Whalen

    Fireman, Trimmers

    I was wondering why they find these men without socks or boots ????
  2. Doe

    Staff Rooms

    Hi, me again. Does anyone know if there were separate rooms for members of staff? I know the officers had their own quarters, but were staff such as people who worked in the boiler room and people that worked in the restaurants kept separate? On the plans for the ship, I saw that there were four...
  3. Doe

    Staff Entrance

    Does anyone know if there was a specific staff entrance that staff would use instead of passenger entrances? It's such a minor detail but it's been aggravating me. And if so, were there like specific entrances that staff used? One for, say, the officers or the people who worked in the boiler room?
  4. A

    How did the engine room start to flood before that compartment was submerged?

    For the last 20 minutes of the tragic disaster, and about the Morse code messages sent to nearby ships on April 15th 1912. The last few messages sent to the nearby ships were as follows: "CQD, SOS. MGY (titanic) to all stations. Engine room flooded up to the boilers" And: "CQD, SOS. MGY to all...
  5. J

    Stoker/Trimmer Employment on Titanic

    Hi, Generally when reading of Titanic's stokers and trimmers, only the briefest of mention is made to how they came to sign on to the ship. My pretty basic understanding, is that an individual would seek employment for a voyage on a ship by ship basis, rather than a permanent position with a...
  6. C

    Boiler rooms during sinking

    I have read several articles and books(also some simulations), but none have mentioned except a book, mentioning that the boiler room #4 imploded at 2. Was the process so chaotic that no observations were made?
  7. Paul Rogers


    Whilst reading through Dave Bryceson's book "The Titanic Disaster" which lists newspaper reports in the British National press in 1912, I came across some strange reports... I realise that most newspaper reports at that time could, and should, be taken with a pinch of salt, but I wondered what...