1. Zirnitra

    question about circuit breakers during sinking.

    i have 3 big questions about electrical system function after collision. 1. what caused the breakers tripping so forward boiler rooms were engulfed in darkness? how they solved this problem? did power go out in few/couple cabins aswel at time of the boiler rooms losing lights?. 2. did...
  2. Marco Ruo

    would the Carpathia's boilers have exploded that night?

    the ship was traveling at 17 knots (its maximum speed was 14) ..Crew members in the engine room that night noticed that the steam pressure gauges were off the dial, prompting Chief Engineer Johnson to place his hat over the gauge. "Carry on, boys. Captain's orders." What did they risk? I think...
  3. Marco Ruo

    Are there any survivors who went to the boiler room to warm up?

    hi mates, the survivor Eleanor Johnson in an interview tells a curious fact: her mother was taken to the bottom of the Carpathia to warm up... you talk about a place with heated tubes, does anyone know if this happened to other passengers? where could these places be?
  4. minhong

    Fireman injured by the steam from the boiler

    As you know, hot steam is very dangerous. Exposure to it can cause permanent damage, including burns. Maybe that's why I remember the steam exposed fireman depicted in the titanic films. Was anyone actually hurt like that? *i used a translator Titanic(1997) s.o.s. titanic(1979)
  5. Zirnitra

    Boilers and boiler rooms

    when was watching some titanic expeditions there was video of displaying titanic boilers from boiler room 2 and these boilers were buckled inwards suggesting they imploded and one of steam pipes looks like spiral,what caused this type of damage to steam pipe? another question is did WTDs were...
  6. S

    How long was Titanic venting steam?

    For some period of time during the sinking, Titanic had to vent the excess steam that had built up in her boilers. The sound of the steam being vented was quite loud, so loud that the wireless operators were unable to make out the messages they were receiving. This leads me to ask: how long was...
  7. data-science-dad

    Boiler Casings & Fidleys

    Reviewing the deck plans, specifically the boat deck, I became curious about the section between the char/pilot rooms and officer's lavatory. Specifically, the Nos 5&6 Boiler Casing, Fidelity, and Trunk|Vent portions. I have tried searching for those terms but am unable to get much information...
  8. Steven Christian

    Californian's boilers

    For you engineers. I did a search but couldn't find what I was looking for. When the California stopped for the night and around the time when the rockets were observed what state would the California's boilers have been in? Hypothetically if the radio operator was awoken after the rockets were...
  9. Lars Lunden

    Kilroy's stoking indicators

    I'm very interested in the things "down below" I just can' find a full description on the Kilroy's stoking indicators used on Titanic. English is not my native language, so technical English is a bit hard. Hope you understand. Example. Boiler room with two stokeholds and doubled ended boilers...
  10. C

    Boiler rooms during sinking

    I have read several articles and books(also some simulations), but none have mentioned except a book, mentioning that the boiler room #4 imploded at 2. Was the process so chaotic that no observations were made?
  11. Paul Rogers


    Whilst reading through Dave Bryceson's book "The Titanic Disaster" which lists newspaper reports in the British National press in 1912, I came across some strange reports... I realise that most newspaper reports at that time could, and should, be taken with a pinch of salt, but I wondered what...