1. H

    Paul Lee's "Titanic: The Homecoming; Tales From The Lapland"

    Thought I would post here in case anyone else didn't know but Paul Lee has published a new book back in late April called "Titanic: The Homecoming; Tales From The Lapland." His new book details the SS Lapland's Eastbound Voyage from New York to Plymouth carrying the surviving members of...
  2. E

    Titanic - The Ship Magnificent 'Limited Edition' Box Set

    Hi I have been trying an failing to find information about a book set: Titanic - The Ship Magnificent 'Limited Edition' Box Set signed by all the Authors. How do I get it valued? Does it even have any special value. I've spent so much time online and I'm just going round in circles as I can't...
  3. Loutino

    Three Titanic books

    Hi all! I would like to know does anybody know something about these three books: 1. "The Night Lives On" - I would like to buy it, but I live in Poland, so I don't know exactly how get it 2. "Joseph Boxhall" - I found such book. I don't know if it exist 3. "Titanic: Voices from the disaster" -...
  4. F

    A British Story about an American girl

    A boy from 1912. A girl from 2012. 100 years between them on the same day. by Catherine Harriott Time Travel Book
  5. J

    The Titanic Secret by Jack Steel (Fiction, Mar 2012) The Titanic Secret (9781451679229): Jack Steel: Books Saw this at my local B&N. It was on the New Fiction table. I didn't buy it, but I did take note of the haunting cover photo.