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    How the break-up occurred

    The heavy weight of the engines was causing a bend in Titanic's double bottom. Does this mean the double bottom was weakened and did the breakup start there? this would go perfectly with the V breakup theory, because the double bottom would of held on and water would seep through, causing the...
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    Third Class Women in Bow on Titanic

    Hello to everyone, After looking at many records, including the Joseph/Peter (Katrin Yusuf) family from Lebanon and The Fatal Journey of Third Class Men on the Titanic which shows info that at least 9 Third Class women were in the forward section, I was wondering if there are accounts of...
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    Peter Joseph Lebanese Family in Bow

    When I was looking on the Cabin Allocations List, I noticed that a Lebanese woman and her children (Peter/Joseph Family) were shown to be having cabin F-63 (Section E) in the bow. I was wondering: I thought women and children were in the bow. To make sure this wasn't a typo, I looked on the...
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    At approximately what time did the forecastle touch the water?

    I was just wondering, what time did the forecastle deck first meet the water surface?
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    My humble efforts at a bow wreck model 1/175 scale

    Howdy everybody, newbie here and honored to be a part of this group. I have attached a couple pictures of my 1/175 bow wreck, 1985 version.
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    Ship's name on the wreck [was: I just noticed this...]

    I'm fascinated by images of Titanic's nameplates, which seem to be slowly vanishing underneath rusticles at the wreck site. I read somewhere that the nameplates on the bow are no longer visible, yet upon closer inspection of the recent high resolution NatGeo images, I found what appears to be...