1. A


    Hello, guys Some testimonies, such as the one given by Caroline Bonnel, suggested that the ship was quite hog-backed at a relatively shallow angle. We all know that the whole ship had a list to port of at least 10 degrees when the bridge went under. When the top deck of a ship starts to get...
  2. Itsstillthinking

    Titanic's Forensic Analysis Collection

    The following document is the first attempt to gather all of the forensic analysis done about the Titanic over the past twenty years into one place, with the data being easy to read and usable for portrayals of the sinking. It covers the major papers dating back to 1996 right to the final one...
  3. Titanic Animations

    Recreating Roy Mengot's Breakup Theory with CGI

    I attempted to recreate Roy Mengot's Breakup Theory with Blender and models provided by fellow user ItsStillThinking. It's not as polished as I'd hoped it to be but I had to pull out just about every trick in the book that I know of to get this to animate and render properly. There are links...
  4. Jessie M.

    The Breakup from the Inside Out

    So I don't know if they've got an account on here or not, but the Gentlemen who are currently working on Titanic: Honor and Glory have actually created quite a few tear jerking shorts (Some of which I know for a fact are spread around here). One of their Shorts, titled Belfast Air , has got me...
  5. Dan Kappes

    Other books before the wreck was found that show an image of Titanic splitting in half?

    In Vol. 7 of The Golden Book History of the United States, titled "The Age of Steel: From 1889 to 1917", which was published in 1963, about United States History, a page is shown in the book with a painting of the Titanic splitting in half by the famous American painter Alton Tobey. This...
  6. Millerpsc

    Discrepancies in survivors' accounts of the breakup

    Hey, I'm new to the forum and have joined because of a lingering question I have had lately and have not been able to find any information on. Question is: Why was the account of the breakup so different between survivors? For instance Lightoller adamantly claiming that the ship sank intact...
  7. B

    The breakup of the hull

    If there is already a thread about the mechanism and sequence of the breakup of the hull, I haven't found it yet, so here goes ... For many years I have been interested in just what went on when the Titanic's hull broke in two, and I have read various theories on the matter, although have not...
  8. M

    Titanic splitting

    Where did Titanic split in half, and what rooms were effected by the splitting. I heard the lounge, smoking room, aft grand staircase, a la carte restaurant and other rooms were effected, but these rooms are not all in the same area on the ship. Any replies would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!