1. A

    Answered What does the bridge telemotor do?

    What is the purpose of the bridge telemotor?
  2. CollinSearls

    Wheelhouse Wing Staircase

    Anyone know if there's a good picture (doesn't have to be a photo) anywhere of what the staircases on either side of the bridge that go down to the Promenade Deck looked like?
  3. B-rad

    Watertight Door Indicator

    I know this may seem like an 'old topic', and one that many feel has already been put to bed. However, I have found evidence that may in fact lead to there being no more questions as to whether or not Titanic had a watertight door indicator. I have submitted a report to the editor of this site...
  4. S

    Interesting facts

    I just read about all of the different decks on the Titanic and found that it had a lot of rooms that you would never expect. Here are some of the interesting ones: gymnasium, hospital, doctor's office, barber shop, swimming pool, turkish bath, raquet court, and post office. By the way...does...
  5. A

    Bridge Tour

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted here in months, I have been very busy. I had a question. In the 1997 Cameron movie, Cal, Rose, and her mother are being given a tour of the bridge, and they go and meet captain Smith. Was this typical? Were passengers given tours of the bridge and...
  6. Alec Barker

    RMS Olympic bridge and wheelhouse interior pics

    Hello, are there any pictures of inside the RMS Olympic's bridhe or wheelhouse? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alec
  7. Y

    Stern Bridge

    When I look at pictures of the stern of Titanic/Olympic, I can see several structures on the stern bridge. But I can't say for sure what they are. I'm pretty sure I can see some engine telegraphs, and a phone box on a small pole. But do I see a ship's wheel? I see something that looks...