1. Aurélien WOLFF

    Would a historicaly accurate britannic movie cost less to make?

    Hello, reading simon mills experience with the britannic movie has me wondering if a more historically accurate one wouldn't cost less money given that there'd be less underwater CGI scene and the action scene would've been concentrated to the sinking (if they really wanted a uboot scene, they...
  2. Aurélien WOLFF

    The lack of models for britannic and olympic

    Hello,I wonder why there's so little for olympic and britannic if airfix was able to release a mauretania model. Revell did released a olympic but it's verry nowadays and minicraft cancelled their olympic release. with britannic, no plastic kit are available, itseems the only way one can get one...
  3. Aurélien WOLFF

    does the rivet theory take the olympic, britannic and other ships built by harland & wolff in account?

    Hello, this is something I've started wondering because it feels like proponents of the rivet theory don't apply it to the olympic or britannic even tho those ships were done by the same shipyard and the olympic next to the titanic. The olympic got to have a long carreer and was seen as a strong...
  4. taalvolcano1754

    Seeking Copy of Britannic's Complete Logs

    Good day. The title is as much as I request. I know that even a digital file will be very hefty, but I seek documents of this nature because I would love to see them digitized and easily accessible for the benefit of the community in general. I only ask for scans of the logbook covering the...
  5. taalvolcano1754

    Britannic Motor Launches

    A contemporary publication describing in good detail the motor launches used on Britannic.
  6. taalvolcano1754

    Britannic Sinking Account Compilation

    It's just what the title says. I have compiled every account of Britannic's sinking I could find, including some I believe have not been published. It took a lot of searching through online newspaper archives to find those! My ultimate goal is to compile source material (from official documents...
  7. M

    How badly damaged is Titanics lower forward bow beneath the mud?

    Hi, I was having a discussion in regard to how badly damaged is the Titanics lower bow, specifically the area that's obscured by the surrounding piled up mud? I was always under the assumption that the lower bow is heavily crushed back due to the forces exterted on it when it ploughed through...
  8. P

    Children's Playroom

    It is widely known that (due to it not being directly accessible from the smoking room) the starboard Veranda and Palm Court on Titanic, was utilised as an unofficial 'playroom' for first class children. As the arrangement of public rooms at the aft end of Promenade (A) Deck, was identical to...
  9. Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (2/2)

    Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (2/2)

  10. Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (1 / 2)

    Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (1 / 2)

  11. T

    Photos of H.M.H.S Britannic

    How many know photos are there of Britannic? It starts to become a hassle trying to organize the photos that I can find, and some photos labeled “Britannic” are obviously Olympic. Is there a good place to find reliable photos or Britannic?
  12. Cam Houseman

    Do we know what speeds Bartlett gave for the Port and starboard engines during the sinking?

    Was reading that Capt. Bartlett ordered for the portside engine to be driven at a higher speed than the starboard (due to the list to starboard). But do know what specific speeds they were? Thanks!
  13. Aurélien WOLFF

    How different would a 1912 Britannic be from the Titanic externally?

    Hello, I ask because I'm tempted to use a 1/700 scale Revell Titanic kit to represent a 1912 Britannic, but beside the expansion join and the Café parisien, I'm unsure how externally different 1912 Britannic would be from Titanic. Thanks for your answers!
  14. J

    Britannic Wreck - Proof the Olympic Class were built to last?

    Considering that Britannic's wreck has been on the ocean floor since November 21st 1916, and to this day she is still considerably intact and retaining her full 94 foot beam, does it decisively prove that all three Olympic Class liners were robust ships that were built to last?
  15. bhogates

    Britannic bulkhead design

    Following the titanic disaster, I know the Olympic underwent a major refit, raising some bulkheads and adding an inner skin. I know that the Britannic was also altered to also fit these plans. Were the Britannic and Olympics new bulkhead design identical? I can only find images of Olympics...
  16. Aurélien WOLFF

    Was the Britannic supposed to be identical to the Olympic/Titanic?

    Hello, I wonder if when the construction of the olympic and titanic started in 1910/11, the britannic/gigantic was supposed to be identical, a lot of modification in 1914 seem to have been added after the sinking of the titanic like the huge davits visible on the harland and wolff model source...
  17. J

    Olympic Titanic Britannic: The anatomy and evolution of the Olympic Class by Simon Mills

    Britannic's owner, Simon Mills, has a brand new book coming out in October. Olympic Titanic Britannic: The anatomy and evolution of the Olympic Class. It looks like it'll be a very interesting title, and promises to have fold out technical drawings and blueprints, unique wreck images, CGI...
  18. Jason D. Tiller

    News Maritime Museum Plans Talk on Britannic

    The New Jersey Maritime Museum in Beach Haven will host a presentation titled “Britannic: The Story of Titanic’s Sister” on Friday, Feb. 18, at Buckalew’s Restaurant and Tavern.