bruce beveridge

  1. Zhang Beichen

    Which plan is more accurate?

    Pals, I've got two version of Titanic Deck plans, one is made by Bruce Beveridge in 2014, and the other one is made by THG in 2022. However, I discovered that there are many differences, such as the seat quantity of 2nd class dining saloon, and the notation of Section S on G Deck. Therefore, I...
  2. B-rad

    Answered Using Bruce Beveridge's deck plans in up coming book

    Hi everyone, so I am currently in talks with 'The History Press' about a book idea. In it I would love to use snippets of the deck plans by Bruce Beveridge, possibly with added arrows or colored lines to highlight areas and routes. With that said I would obviously need to get permission to use...
  3. Bruce Beveridge

    Chinese Titanic Reproduction Updates

    I have not been contracted with the investment firm undertaking the Titanic reproduction being constructed in Daying County, City of Suning, Sichuan Province China since 2017. However, I was out to the site in October 2019. I worked with the company (Seven Star) during the time of initial keel...
  4. E

    Titanic - The Ship Magnificent 'Limited Edition' Box Set

    Hi I have been trying an failing to find information about a book set: Titanic - The Ship Magnificent 'Limited Edition' Box Set signed by all the Authors. How do I get it valued? Does it even have any special value. I've spent so much time online and I'm just going round in circles as I can't...
  5. P

    Bruce Beveridge Titanic Deck Plans from Zazzle

    Hello, I recently purchased this item Titanic General Arrangement Plan Poster I just wanted to advise all those looking for a good quality deck plan that this version is blurry and the text illegible. Fortunately my money was refunded after I sent photos displaying the poor printing quality...
  6. L

    Deck Plans

    Does anyone know of a website or book or anything that has Cabin numbers for all decks and (if this is possible) the furniture layout of each cabin? Thank-you
  7. T

    Titanic's Blueprints

    I need to ask some of your rivet counters a question. Where is the best place to purchase Titanic's original blueprints. I have a smaller copy of them, but the writing is so small I can barely read it. I was also looking for one that had room numbers listed on it, so that I could put into...