1. H

    Second Class or Third Alt Cabins on G Deck

    I was just looking on plan of Titanic, and I saw on G Deck, some Alt 2 or 3rd Class Cabins, why did these cabins have letter G and two digit number, unlike Aft and Forward areas which had a dash and 3 digit number, what the difference between these cabins?
  2. K

    Answered Structural modifications - Deck Reinforcement, Adjustable Cabin Walls (1st & 2nd Class)

    As a condition of the subsidy provided by the British Government (2.6 million pounds per ship?) towards the construction of the Olympic Class ships, the upper decks had to be able to support Navy guns, in the event that the ships were called into service. Do we know if the Titanic was...
  3. Chad1234

    An advert for White Star’s cabin liners in 1932 (Georgic, Britannic, Baltic and Adriatic)

  4. T

    B DECK Parlour Suites

    Hi! I was wondering if was necessary for a passanger too own the three Parlour Suites on B Deck (52/54/56 or 51/53/55) in order to use the private promenade, because only the middle rooms had acess to the sitting room, and therefore, the door to outside area.
  5. Ant Ellison

    Abbotts' Cabin Number

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I've been researching Rossmore Abbott and his family for several months now. However, I haven't been able to find what cabin the family would have been in. I know they were close to the rooms of Amy Stanley and the Goldsmith family, but does anyone know anything...
  6. Aleksander Ignasiak

    Old Dutch style cabins

    I noticed interesting thing regarding Old Dutch style cabins. Usually it is described as having "paneled, carved and inlaid dark oak dado with an embossed and decorated lincrusta frieze above." - this description is from Titanic The Ship Magnificent but you can find similar one when someone...
  7. Werepug

    C-Deck Forward First Class Corridors/Cabins Flooding

    Hello Titanic Community! There is something about C-Deck flooding that I have never quite understood, first I will summarize my question and then I'll explain what I thought about it. Question: - How did the corridors of the forward First Class Cabins in C-Deck flood (I mean those forward of...
  8. Duquesa

    Pictures of the C deck suites

    I'd love to know where I can find a picture of each suite on the Titanic, preferably the ones on C-deck, they can be virtual too, I don't mind too much, if anyone knows where I can find them all very well arranged, I'd be completely grateful.
  9. JJAstorII

    Stateroom B64

    Hello! Been a long time, but I wanted to post these pictures. Recently, I decided to do some refurbishing on my miniature of Suite B64 on Titanic. I wanted to alter some things for accuracy (Square windows when I mistakenly originally put port holes), but also years and museum commissions later...
  10. Pkdillon

    Basic first class cabin carpet style

    So im trying to build a full scale titanic in lego worlds but im stuck on cabins like c-15 or d deck cabins what would the carpet be if anyone can give me an answer or post a color photo that would help thanks
  11. Sofía García

    B Deck Suites in the 1928-1929 Refit

    In 1928-1929, most of B Deck (1911 lettering) was drastically changed with new first class suites, but i haven't been able to find any deck plans showing these plans, does anyone have a B Deck (or later A Deck) plan showing these changes?, also how did the parlour suites change with this refit...
  12. Saberius Prime Gaming

    Samuel Ward Stanton's Cabin

    Doing some research on this man for a friend, and he's been trying to figure out their cabin, but he only has their ticket number. Is there a way to track down what Cabin he was assigned to, either via survivor testimony or ticket tracking, or is it one of those "we will never know" situations?
  13. A

    Third-class couples on Titanic

    I have a question. If a third class couple were married, with no children, would they be berthed together or separately? I understand single women had cabins in the stern, while singe men had cabins in the bow. I've also heard that even families traveling with children would be in segregated...
  14. Cam Houseman

    Why Isn't there a 13th cabin on any deck?

    Hi y'all, While working on a project for a friend, I noticed there was no D-13 in the forward First Class cabins on D-Deck. I checked the rest of the decks, and no cabin exists with 13 on Titanic. Sailors are generally known to be superstitious, and the Irish have always struck me as being so...
  15. Cam Houseman

    Gates on E-Deck by the First/Second Class Flex cabins

    Hi Y'all, I was wondering what these gates Looked like on E-Deck by the Alternative First/Second Class cabins on E-Deck. They'd be closed if Second Class passengers occupied those flex cabins. But I think they weren't on Titanic's maiden voyage. (using Olympic's August 1912 plans because...
  16. Cam Houseman

    Which cabins are these on Olympic?

    Hi y'all, Found these cabins on, and a bunch of first class cabins are shown. I was able to recognize B-59, C-76, and C-55, but which cabins on Olympic are these? Appreciate any help (Credit to Robert Welch, Harland and Wolff, and NMNI) thanks for any help :)
  17. Pkdillon

    First class cabins and which are what style

    Does anyone know where I could find a break down of what each cabin style in first class is for my scale titanic build in a video game I'm stuck atm I have ordered a book and recieved it it shows me each style now I'm unsure what cabin is what please help thanks
  18. Magnar Vikoeren

    Cabin B64

    Two different B-deck cabins are numbered B64 in the Harland and Wolff collection at the Museums of Northern Ireland, and Mr. Robert Welsh is the photographer to both of them. If the white panelled one is no B64, can anyone tell what is the cabin number of the other one?
  19. A

    Maid’s sleeping place

    Hi guys, Did the maids on Titanic sleep with their employers in a first class cabin? Or did they have their own cabin, if so, in which class? greetings from Antwerp, the home of the Red Star Line;)
  20. Logan Horning

    A set of 3rd Class Cabins on G-Deck

    Hello, everyone. I was looking at the deckplans on G-Deck, and I saw an area of 3rd class cabins from 251 to 260 isolated from the rest of the ship, hidden right behind the baggage holds. (The specific cabins are within the red outline.) I have two questions about these specific questions. 1...