1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Olympic & Titanic : Passenger Accommodation

    FULL advantage has been taken of the great size of the Olympic and Titanic to provide passenger accommodation of unrivalled extent and magnificence. As will beseen from the deck plans reproduced in Plates III. IV. and V. the arrangement has been most carefully considered from all points of view...
  2. M

    Answered Where was the captain's cabin?

    Where did Captain Smith sleep?
  3. A

    Question What is survivor Frank John William Goldsmith's cabin number?

    What cabin did the Goldsmith's occupy?
  4. Mike Colclough

    Third Class Toilets

    A google search for Titanic's third class staterooms produces images of what looks like a bunk room with a water fixture at one end. Its height suggests "toilet" but it looks more like a sink. Were they one in the same in 1912? Did these shared bunk rooms actually have open toilets at one end...
  5. J

    Cabins with direct deck access

    Hi I've been trying to work out - by consulting the deck plans - which cabins on Titanic had doors which led directly to the deck (with the exception of cabins with private promenade decks). In 'The Titanic: Voices from the BBC Archives', one of the passengers, Edith Russell, mentions being in...
  6. A

    Cabins and berths

    What deck and cabins did the kitchen crew stay in? How far were they from their work areas? Who were the female staff (if any). Thanks---Ann
  7. Charles

    Where did the Window Cleaners, Extra QMs, and Deck Engineers/Storekeeper sleep?

    Hi, I was just wondering where these people slept because I can't find these people's cabins anywhere and I am making a document for every crew member and passenger that includes where they slept. These are problems. *There seems to be 7 Quartermasters, and the only cabin I find for them is on...
  8. P

    Cabins for stewardesses

    I was looking over the number of stewardesses and the number of cabins and was just wondering if anyone had any idea about how the cabins were divided/how many rooms stewardesses were in charge of? I realize that most passengers had valets and maids, but the ratio of rooms to victualing crew...
  9. Charles

    Cabin Allocation List

    Cabin Allocations In the Steerage section of these Cabin Allocations, I found the Joseph/Peter family with an unknown deck, but with the cabin number to be no.69. The most awkward of this is that when it said Section E, I only found a cabin on F Deck. WE HAVE JUST REVEALED THAT THE...
  10. Arun Vajpey

    Who was in Cabin B-78?

    Henry Samuel ETCHES testified that after he had sorted Guggenheim and his valet out, he went and banged on the door of First Class Cabin B-78 (Some sources sat that it was C-78). A man and a woman were inside but did not open the door; instead, they reportedly kept asking Etches what was wrong...
  11. R

    First class A deck forward cabin corridors concealed behind doors

    Here is my first ever post...after ten years of reading these wonderful forums! My question is: from the deck plans, if we look at the very first two corridors of the forward first class cabins on A deck (both port and starboard directly after the baized doors entrances), they are concealed...
  12. B

    C Deck Cabin Numbers

    Hi All, I am working a deckplan and I needed the correct cabin numbers for the Titanic on C Deck, the plans I am using as a reference I believe are for the Olympic. If anyone can provide this information I would appreciate it. Best Regards, Brian
  13. E

    Cabin of an unknown factor on C deck

    Hello, I was entraint to consult a plan of Titanic (C deck) on the following site: This plan and an original plan, I am incertaint .. (?) Has little y even on the cabin C-67 (9 CABIN) a small red point, indicating by a fleche 'your cabin' Who would have been the passengers who would have...
  14. D

    Empty Cabins and Missing Passengers

    There is some value to placing individual passengers in their proper cabins. However, I have been troubled with the other side of the question...where were the empty cabins which should have held Titanic's roughly 1,000 missing passengers? The ship could have carried that many more passengers...
  15. G

    About Cabin numbers

    Mrs.Carter's maid may have been in B92 because it is a servant's room and it is near the Carter's stateroom. Joseph Loring's cabin may be either B97, B95, or B93 because in Titanic An Illustrated History, Loring and George Rheims are in the Smoking Room on A deck, and it says that Loring's...