1. M

    Which cabin was Eva Hart's & Lillian Asplunds

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew what cabin Eva Hart's family were in and also the Asplund's in 3rd Class. Thanks. Matt.
  2. M

    Which cabin was the Quick's

    Mrs. Jane Quick with her two daughters (Winifred and Phyllis) were second class passengers. Does anyone know which cabin they occupied? And which deck?
  3. E

    Cabin of an unknown factor on C deck

    Hello, I was entraint to consult a plan of Titanic (C deck) on the following site: This plan and an original plan, I am incertaint .. (?) Has little y even on the cabin C-67 (9 CABIN) a small red point, indicating by a fleche 'your cabin' Who would have been the passengers who would have...
  4. H

    Which Cabin was Col Weir's

    I was wondering if anyone knew why Col Weir is not on the cabin list? He was definately on the ship!!
  5. David G. Brown

    Empty Cabins and Missing Passengers

    There is some value to placing individual passengers in their proper cabins. However, I have been troubled with the other side of the question...where were the empty cabins which should have held Titanic's roughly 1,000 missing passengers? The ship could have carried that many more passengers...
  6. G

    About Cabin numbers

    Mrs.Carter's maid may have been in B92 because it is a servant's room and it is near the Carter's stateroom. Joseph Loring's cabin may be either B97, B95, or B93 because in Titanic An Illustrated History, Loring and George Rheims are in the Smoking Room on A deck, and it says that Loring's...