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  1. Kareen Healey

    Captain Lord and Ureremia

    Hi to everyone, I read an article titled "Captain Lord's Uremia" written in June 2013 ( I attach it with this message if people want to read it) and it says in substance that Captain Lord didn't went to help TITANIC because of Uremia that affected his judgement. That hypothesis sounds weird...
  2. Stanley Lord

    Stanley Lord

  3. H

    Herbert Stone's Disappearance and George Stewart's Obituary from Archive Newspapers.

    Whilst doing general research on the British Newspaper Archive, Julian Atkins asked me to try and find any articles or obituaries on Stone, Groves, Evans, Gibson and Stewart. Currently I've barely found anything but I have found some articles reporting Herbert Stone's disappearance from the SS...
  4. A

    Who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster?

    Hi all, Here we go for May.....enjoy! In your opinion, who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster - Smith, Lord, Rostron or perhaps another? Why? Has one or more of them been unjustly portrayed - be it in a good or bad way - by the media and/or popular culture...
  5. B

    The influence of A Night to Remember

    Am I alone in thinking that the 1958 film A Night to Remember has had an enormous negative impact on how people see Captain Lord of the Californian? Only one other major cinema movie covered the Californian incident and that was the 1943 Nazi epic Titanic - equally unsympathetic to Lord. The...
  6. S

    Stanley Lord guilty as charged

    I have read many books on Titanic and believe Capt. Lord was a tyrant who bullied his men and scared them to the point where they dared not go against him insisting they go help Titanic which was obviously in distress. It is against maritime law laws of the courts and the laws of God and decency...
  7. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Captain Lord 1961 Interviews Transcript
  8. D

    No Excuse for Capt Lord's Inaction

    For years, I have read all the attempted exculpations proffered by "Lordites” in defense of the Californian’s captain. We can argue how far his ship was from the Titanic, and we can argue what if anything he could have accomplished had he set sail for the stricken Titanic in a timely fashion...
  9. P

    The Hypothetical Trial of Captain Lord

    A thought occurred to me while slurping through many ice cold lagers in the pub last night It seems to me that, of the two people on the Californian's bridge in the Middle Watch of 15/4/12, Stone's description of what he saw would be used in a trial of Captain Lord as part of the defence...
  10. M

    Stanley Lord Poll

    The Titanic Commutator Volume 12, Number 4, 1988 had the following cutout ballot in the Supplement section: The CALIFORNIAN controversy continues and Mr. Kalman Tanito of Finland believes we ought to take a poll of the members to get the overall view on this subject. We are now giving YOU...
  11. A

    Captain Lord and the Californian Please Read

    Hello, I have mentioned the Californian a few times but I would like to add a few new things to it. First of all on this board there has been debate over the three facts which I and many find undebateable but for some strange reason that I can't figure out "Lordites" can't admit they happened...
  12. L

    What Went Through Lord's Mind

    What do you think Lord first thought when he first learned that the Titanic had sunk-and how close the Californian had been? A source-can't remember which one-quoted him as saying "You must get me a better position, we don't want to go on a wild goose chase" or something to that effect. I can...
  13. R

    Photo of Lord with children on Carpathia

    i found a photo in an article about the Californian which shows 4 officers posing with 2 young sitting on each lap of Lord and Stewart. I thought it an interesting foreshadow that the young girls are holding binoculars..probably the very ones used that night...has anyone seen this...
  14. P

    Captain Lord On stage please

    Here's a little something I thought might interest those who (1) go the the theater, (2) have looked into the Titanic/Californian relationship and (3) live in Ireland. A play called "Blackness After Midnight" Best regards, Cook
  15. Dave Gittins

    Captain Lord and the Court

    I’d like to clear up a few points about Captain Lord and the court. I hope I’ll be excused for not quoting chapter and verse, as I’ve not got time to look up every reference. Everything is in the inquiry transcripts and the Board of Trade files. The American inquiry of course had no power...
  16. J

    What missing boat was Stanley Lord looking for

    If you go to the following site, it has all of the "official" wireless traffic relating to the Titanic disaster: In one message, Captain Lord wires to the Carpathia, as follows: "Searched vicinity of disaster untill...
  17. Dave Gittins

    The Case Against Captain Lord Reade for the Prosecution

    This is one of the key books in Titanic research. Its subject is the Californian affair and Reade’s investigation of the matter is exhaustive, and somewhat exhausting to the reader. It’s almost in the category of using a sledgehammer to crack nuts and Reade’s work shows that Captain Lord’s...