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  1. Rostron letter 1931 (page 2)

    Rostron letter 1931 (page 2)

  2. Rostron letter 1931

    Rostron letter 1931

    A letter from Captain Rostron declining a request to take part in a lecture tour
  3. Captain Rostron and Carpathia Officers

    Captain Rostron and Carpathia Officers

    Italian doctor; 2nd Officer James Bisset; Roth [Rath],Hungarian Supernumerary Officer; Chief Engineer; 1st Officer Horace Dean; Assistant Purser; Purser E.F.G. Brown; Hungarian doctor;Chief Officer Hankinson; Captain A. H. Rostron; Dr Frank McGhee. 3rd Officer Eric Rees, 4th Officer Geoffrey Barnish
  4. Captain Rostron and Margaret Brown

    Captain Rostron and Margaret Brown

    Holding the loving cup presented by survivors to Captain Rostron
  5. CapRostron

    Relatives of Arthur Henry Rostron

    Hello .... Are there any relatives of AH Rostron out there?.... My Mum was related to Captain Rostron (nee Madeleine Rostron) & think he was a Great Uncle... She would have been 100 now (born 13th March 1919)... Thanks... Trev
  6. H

    Titanic Halloween 2017: Arthur Rostron Ghost and a Personal Experience?

    With October 31st around the corner and Halloween soon upon us with creepy stories, I decided to recount a personal experience relating to the Titanic (and a odd one I found online)... Disclaimer: This thread is just for fun and to retell some spooky tales relating to Titanic. Please respect...
  7. A

    Who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster?

    Hi all, Here we go for May.....enjoy! In your opinion, who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster - Smith, Lord, Rostron or perhaps another? Why? Has one or more of them been unjustly portrayed - be it in a good or bad way - by the media and/or popular culture...
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Molly Brown and Captain Rostron
  9. C

    Captain Rostron

    Captain Rostron I admire him very much for his work as captain on the night of the Titanic disaster, because it immediately changed their course the speed of 17 knots. For this he was commended for his action.
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

  11. J Burdette

    Arthur Rostron Denomination

    I have been curious what Rostron's religious affiliation was. Does anyone know? I was unable to find anything in his autobiography. If I'm out of line in starting a new thread and what not, then please forgive me. I'm learning the ropes. Also cowardice has kept me from posting sooner.
  12. A

    Captain Rostron

    Hi all, never posted before but been reading for years, I recently bought a A H Rostron signature, it feels right, looks right..I am sure I have seen one before and its familiar to me. Its signed on a small peice of paper in pencil. Do any of you have a picture that they could post so I can...
  13. Encyclopedia Titanica

  14. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Captain Arthur Rostron
  15. C

    Pictures and interviews with Captain Rostron

    Hi! This is my first post in the forum. I am looking for pictures on Captain Rostron without his hat, and also interviews with him. Can anybody help me to find this? Greetings Carl
  16. Dave Gittins

    Captain Rostron vindicated Sea serpent was real

    Those who have read Captain Rostron’s Home From the Sea will recall his account of seeing a large sea serpent while passing Galley Head, near Queenstown/Cobh on Carmania. Many have probably dismissed the story as an old seadog’s tall tale, but remarkable confirmation of his story has just been...
  17. D

    Captain Rostron's career

    What other ships did Captain Rostron command before and after Carpathia?
  18. T

    Arthur Rostron : Home from the Sea

    Can anybody tell me where I'll get a copy of A H Rostrons book, Home from the Sea
  19. D

    1926 Captain Rostron article

    Just ran across an Underwood & Underwood picture and release from the February 11, 1926 of the Brooklyn, Michigan Exponent mentioning Captain Arthur Henry Rostron, "famous commander" of the Mauretania. The graying captain is pictured in his aide-de-camp uniform to England's king. It mentions he...
  20. M

    Captain Rostron and Survivors Committee

    I am trying to determine Rostron's height, or the heights of members of Titanic survivor's committee, in order to gage the height of Mrs. Brown. The Molly Brown House Museum estimates her at 5 ft 8in, and I say no way, esp. if she was the 5 or 6 shoe size in which she took so much pride. U.S...