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  1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Rare photograph of 'Captain Smith' to be auctioned

    Titanic Captain Edward John Smith pictured at a ship launch in c.1909...
  2. A

    A Medical check for captain and officers? And would Smith even pass?

    Were there any such thing of a medical checks for crew before a voyage? Like we have today. And if not, Considering Smith's age, would he even pass if there were medicals?
  3. A

    Answered How many years was Captain Smith a Captain?

    How long had Captain Edward John Smith been a Captain when he became Captain of the Titanic?
  4. M

    Answered Where was the captain's cabin?

    Where did Captain Smith sleep?
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    Answered Did Captain Smith have any accidents before the Titanic?

    Are there any reports of other accidents or incidents concerning Captain Smith before he commanded the Titanic?
  6. Captain Smith

    Captain Smith

    Portrait of Captain Smith © National Portrait Gallery (x134354 2) (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
  7. Conan Power

    How was EJ Smith chosen as Captain ?

    Hi folks, So I've got one of those "family stories" that I've always been interested in finding the facts/truth of ... And its this ... my gr-gr-grand Uncle was John Breen, of Wexford, Ireland, who rose to Captain in the WSL, first of the Delphic and then the Zealandic, amongst others. The...
  8. M

    Telling the Passengers and Crew Immediately

    I've always found one of the the most powerful scenes in the 97 film is when Thomas Andrews shortly after reporting to the bridge crew and Ismay that 'No matter what you do Titanic will flounder' is walking through the Grand Staircase still in shock. Rose pulls him aside and he admits to her...
  9. John Jaeger

    Probability Assessment on the Sinking of the Titanic

    Samuel Halpern said on the closed thread discussing the incompetence of Captain Smith and my assessments of successive events leading to the death of over 1,500 passengers and crew: "When someone has to guess to assign a probability to an event rather than using collected data of similar...
  10. P

    Canada 1912

    "Canada 1912" is the title of a chapter in my book "A White Angel" which I wrote last year and that was published in the UK by Ardnamona Publishers. The book is an historical novel about 9/11 but part of the story of the Titanic is featured and readers may like to know why. So for the records...
  11. J

    Capt E.J.Smith

    I have two unseen photographs of Smith onboard the Baltic 1905.
  12. A

    Who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster?

    Hi all, Here we go for May.....enjoy! In your opinion, who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster - Smith, Lord, Rostron or perhaps another? Why? Has one or more of them been unjustly portrayed - be it in a good or bad way - by the media and/or popular culture...
  13. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Film of Captain Smith
  14. R

    Captain Smiths home in Waterloo Liverpool 1898 - 1907

    Captain Smith and I share the same house in ~Waterloo Liverpool England. He lived here in 1898 to 1907 and there are so many interesting snippets of social history never before recorded against his time in Waterloo. For example he was awarded a medal by King Edward whilst living here, imagine...
  15. Stanley C Jenkins

    Helen Russell Cooke

    Captain Smith’s daughter, Helen Russell Cooke, resided for many years in a cottage known as "Pratt's" on the south side of the village green at Leafield, near Witney in Oxfordshire. At the time of the sinking Helen Melville Smith was a child of five. In 1922 she married a stockbroker, Mr Sidney...
  16. A

    Captain Smith's role in the disaster

    RMS Titanic, Inc. has posted this on their blog: What role do you think Captain Smith played in the Titanic disaster? Was he a hero, or is he responsible for the deaths of those who didn't survive the sinking? Leave your feedback in the comment section... Innocuous question? What are your...
  17. Allan Wolf

    How much was Smith paid

    Hello, Dustin. In E.J.: THE STORY OF EDWARD JOHN SMITH, CAPTAIN OF THE TITANIC, Gary Cooper gives the £ 1250/year + £ 200 Bonus "if he returned his ships in good order." (p. 250). I haven't seen the primary sources myself, but I'd trust the sources that give the 1250 plus 200 figure...
  18. E

    El Capitain

    Probably an incredibly rediculous thought, however I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about what would happen to Captain Smith if he had survived or even boarded a life boat. Would there have been a trial against him? Would people have accused him of negligence, cowardice or possibly have...
  19. J

    Did Capt. Smith have any other incidents?

    in Leo Mariotts book Titanic i have found that asides from the Olympic incident he was also involved with the Republic (1) running aground at New York plus 3 crew were killed in a boiler accident on the same 1890 he ran a ship aground of Rio De 1901 aboard the Majestic and 1906...
  20. J

    Captain Smith's crucial decision making

    did captain smith make the decision to pick up the speed despite the warnings of icebergs on his own or did he let the pressure of someone else do the talking?