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  1. Conan Power

    How was EJ Smith chosen as Captain ?

    Hi folks, So I've got one of those "family stories" that I've always been interested in finding the facts/truth of ... And its this ... my gr-gr-grand Uncle was John Breen, of Wexford, Ireland, who rose to Captain in the WSL, first of the Delphic and then the Zealandic, amongst others. The...
  2. M

    Telling the Passengers and Crew Immediately

    I've always found one of the the most powerful scenes in the 97 film is when Thomas Andrews shortly after reporting to the bridge crew and Ismay that 'No matter what you do Titanic will flounder' is walking through the Grand Staircase still in shock. Rose pulls him aside and he admits to her...
  3. S

    Captain Smith's bathtub and other objects in the room of the wreck

    Hello all. I have looked closely at the images showing Captain Smith's bathtub in the wreck. It's obvious his bedroom and sitting room are pretty much destroyed but I did notice some interesting things in the photo of his bath tub. There might be luggage or other personal effects beneath the...
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Captain Smith committed suicide
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic Captain: The Life of Edward John Smith
  6. John Jaeger

    Probability Assessment on the Sinking of the Titanic

    Samuel Halpern said on the closed thread discussing the incompetence of Captain Smith and my assessments of successive events leading to the death of over 1,500 passengers and crew: "When someone has to guess to assign a probability to an event rather than using collected data of similar...
  7. P

    Canada 1912

    "Canada 1912" is the title of a chapter in my book "A White Angel" which I wrote last year and that was published in the UK by Ardnamona Publishers. The book is an historical novel about 9/11 but part of the story of the Titanic is featured and readers may like to know why. So for the records...
  8. J

    Capt E.J.Smith

    I have two unseen photographs of Smith onboard the Baltic 1905.
  9. M

    Officers with Captain Smith

    Can you Please write which officers you see on photo? In order of standing.
  10. A

    Who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster?

    Hi all, Here we go for May.....enjoy! In your opinion, who was the most negligent Captain on the night of the Titanic disaster - Smith, Lord, Rostron or perhaps another? Why? Has one or more of them been unjustly portrayed - be it in a good or bad way - by the media and/or popular culture...
  11. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Film of Captain Smith
  12. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Captain Smith Believed Titanic To Be Unsinkable
  13. M

    Sean Connery as Captain Smith?

    Hello guys, I've wondered what JC's Titanic movie would've been like if Sean Connery had played the part of Captain Smith. To me, it would've made for some interesting acting. I do know that he had a bit part in the movie "A Night To Remember". What do y'all think?
  14. S

    Gift From Ismay to Captain EJ Smith

    Hello- I've been collecting Titanic/White Star for some time. I have in my possession a bronze box engraved "To Captain Edward J Smith ~ Your Friend J Bruce Ismay ~ White Star Line. It weighs 2-3 pounds, is comprised of individual panels and the writing is hand-engraved and "of the period"...
  15. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Edward John Smith with dog
  16. C

    Captain Smith of the more experienced White Star

    In my opinion Captain Smith was even more experienced because he was already 30 years traveling the sea and had a very large experiancia. Furthermore it was also much paid for all captains he earned approximately 1,000 pounds. He also commanded Olympic and others, he was retiring when the White...
  17. M

    What would have happened if Captain Smith did not turn the ship?

    Earlier on April 14th, Captain Smith turned the ship a little bit south after hearing about iceberg warnings. Now makes me wonder, what would of happened if the Titanic stayed on the original path and never turned "a bit" south. Do you think the Titanic would of still sank?
  18. R

    Captain Smiths home in Waterloo Liverpool 1898 - 1907

    Captain Smith and I share the same house in ~Waterloo Liverpool England. He lived here in 1898 to 1907 and there are so many interesting snippets of social history never before recorded against his time in Waterloo. For example he was awarded a medal by King Edward whilst living here, imagine...
  19. Stanley C Jenkins

    Helen Russell Cooke

    Captain Smith’s daughter, Helen Russell Cooke, resided for many years in a cottage known as "Pratt's" on the south side of the village green at Leafield, near Witney in Oxfordshire. At the time of the sinking Helen Melville Smith was a child of five. In 1922 she married a stockbroker, Mr Sidney...
  20. L

    Drawing of Captain EJ Smith from what photograph

    I am trying to find the source photograph for this recent drawing of Captain EJ Smith. Any info at all would be helpful...hoping someone will find the pose you can see he is seated, in plain dress with cap,-hands clasped with fingers interwoven. Perhaps someone can direct me to a...