1. Cargo Hatch Number 5

    Cargo Hatch Number 5

  2. Number 6 Cargo Hatch

    Number 6 Cargo Hatch

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    Answered What cargo did the Titanic carry?

    Is there a list of cargo and other freight did the Titanic transport?
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    The Chrysler Noreseman concept car that went down with the Andrea Doria There is a nice article in H

    In case anyone is interested, there is an interesting article about the Chrysler Norseman (that went down with the Andrea Doria) in the Aug 2009 issue of 'Hemmings Classic Car' . There are some photos of the car taken before she was crated up for shipment
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    Dinosaurs in the Deep

    Follow the links on the Dinosaurs in the Deep web site and you'll find some interesting stuff, apparently well-written, about the sinking of Mount Temple, and the shipment of dinosaur and other fossils on her when she went to the bottom...