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  1. Nehemiah Ula

    Who was Hungarian Supernumerary Officer Gunter Roth?

    So when I was looking at some photos of the Carpathia crew, I saw a man listed as Hungarian Supernumerary Officer right here, I saw that on Second Officer Bissets book, he listed the man as "Hungarian Supernumerary Officer Gunter Roth", I can't find nothing on the person so can anyone help me...
  2. Captain Rostron and Carpathia Officers

    Captain Rostron and Carpathia Officers

    Italian doctor; 2nd Officer James Bisset; Roth [Rath],Hungarian Supernumerary Officer; Chief Engineer; 1st Officer Horace Dean; Assistant Purser; Purser E.F.G. Brown; Hungarian doctor;Chief Officer Hankinson; Captain A. H. Rostron; Dr Frank McGhee. 3rd Officer Eric Rees, 4th Officer Geoffrey Barnish
  3. Nehemiah Ula

    The actors who looked like their real life counterparts

    Basically I wanted to see some examples of actors who look similar to their real life counterpart, for example, an uncredited actor plays Dr McGee of the Carpathia in Titanic miniseries (1996) looks very similar to the real life McGee!
  4. ihavecoins

    Gold Carpathia medal list

    There were six gold medals publicly documented. I suspect these 6 were all engraved. 14 total were awarded out. one each for: 1.Capt. Rostron - Left his Medal on the ship when it sunk. 2.Chief Engineer Johnson, 3.Surgeon Frank E. McGee, 4.Ernest. G. F. Brown, R. N. R., purser; ++Engraved/sold...
  5. Carpathia Football Team

    Carpathia Football Team

    London’s Daily Mirror, showing Carpathia crew members who joined a football team to play to raise funds for Titanic’s survivors. Abbott joined this team and can be seen in this photograph 4th from the left in the top row. Collection of the Massillon Museum Gift of the Edward Abbott Estate (58.72.4)
  6. Edward Abbott, about age 50

    Edward Abbott, about age 50

    Collection of the Massillon Museum Gift of the Edward Abbott Estate (58.72.4)
  7. D

    Carpathia Bronze Crew Medal

    Can anyone give an approximate valuation (Pounds Sterling) as to how much a bronze medal as awarded to the Carpathia's crew by the survivors might be worth? Thanks