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    How about rating the casts in the "Other Titanic Movies" ?

    There is a thread about rating the cast in the 1997 "Titanic" movie. What about some of the others ? 1953 "Titanic" ( I know.....It's at the bottom of everyone's list.....But these are just my "IMHO"s....But it was the first "Titanic" movie I had seen.) Brian Aherne - Worst physical portrayal...
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    Raise the Titanic characters

    I was on a site a couple of days ago and it said that in RTT M. Emmet Walsh (Master Chief Vinnie Walker) was Giordino. I heard he was suppose to be him but I haven't heard that he actually played him. "I believe you may get your headline, Mr. Ismay."
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    Does anyone know who played the Greek Steerage Passenger in ANTR

    Hi, I am trying to put together a complete cast listing of ANTR and I would like to know if anyone knows the name of the actor who plays the Greek steerage passenger that a Steward (played by Norman Rossington) tries to tell to put his lifebelt on.
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    Complete cast list of A Night to Remember

    Does Anyone know how I may obtain the complete cast list of A Night To Remember?