1. Sarah S

    Casualties during Ship constructions

    Hello~, It is known that eight people have died during the construction of the titanic, a fact which people often mention to prove the Titanic was struck with tragedy from early on. Now I think such horrible accidents during constructions weren’t just unique to the Titanic because there were...
  2. S

    SS Connemara and Retriever 3rd November 1916 Carlingford Lough

    Hello - newbie here and wondering if anyone could help with resources for this incident, especially casualty lists? Nice to be here! Simon
  3. M

    Maritime Casualties In The News

    Notable Casualties In The News If it burns, rolls over, breaks up, runs aground, sinks, or otherwise comes to grief in spectacular fashion in the shipping world, we tend to take an interest in it, so I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to just that. To kick it off, Maritime Global Net has...
  4. D

    Names of Carpathia's casualties

    Hi All, My great uncle, James Murphy (brother of my paternal grandfather, Michael Murphy), who came came over to Liverpool in the 1900's from Mullaghbawn in South Armagh, was one of the firemen who died on the Carpathia when she was torpedoed in 1918. Does anyone out there have any info on...
  5. T

    Confederate Sailor Amongst Casualties

    I have been advised that one of the passengers who went down with the TITANIC was in fact a sailor in the Confederate States Navy during the Civil War. This was Samuel Risien, but I have not been able to locate his name in the roster of the CSS ALABAMA, on which he was supposed to have served...
  6. M

    2nd Class Women Casualties

    Posted by "Mike"Sunday, December 12, 1999 - 11:32 pm Dear Mike, The second-class ladies who were seen walking together and refusing to enter the "fragile lifeboats" may very well have been Mrs. Corey and Mrs. Karnes. Both ladies were friends so it is possible. Of course, we don't know...