1. L

    How many pets were on the titanic and how many were saved?

    I'm not sure how to post things so I might have put the question in the wrong place, sorry.
  2. Curiosite

    Question Titanic had a ship cat, is what I read. Is this true?

    Somewhere I read that Titanic had a ship cat, who had just given birth to kittens, and was being taken care of by a nice man, charged with caring for her and the little ones. I believe I came upon this information by googling "ship cats". The cat with her kittens went down with the ship. Is...
  3. B

    Jenny The Titanic Cat

    In reading Titanic Survivor, by John Maxtone-Graham, It was intersting to find out that the ships would carry a cat onboard. Jenny had presented the rest of the crew with a litter of kittens in April. This is the 1st I had ever heard of a cat onboard Titanic. Does anyone have any info...
  4. R

    Unknown animals aboard Titanic

    Hi, I've read about the fact that Miss Young had some very expensive chickens with her on Titanic. We allready had a large discussion about the dogs aboard, but not about the other animals. So I like to know if there were other animals aboard Titanic and if it was possible that there were...