ceramic (ship)

  1. ArtVet

    White Star Line RMS Ceramic souvenir tin/pill pot on Ebay

    Ceramic was the next ship Harland and Wolff built for White Star after Titanic. Ebay item number is: 172339808036. WHITE STAR LINE RMS CERAMIC OCEAN LINER SOUVENIR TIN / PILL POT
  2. ArtVet

    SS Ceramic souvenir tin: Clean it or not?

    Hi, I have a small silvered souvenir tin for the SS Ceramic. I want to sell it but don't know whether I should clean it at all in advance of sale or leave that to the buyer? I'd appreciate your advice. I have included a couple of images of it's current condition.
  3. M

    News from 1942-1943: Sinking of Ceramic

    MAB Note: Ceramic, which at the time discussed here belonged to Shaw, Savill & Albion, was sunk by U 515 on 6 December 1942. There were 656 casualties---226 military personnel, 152 civilians and 278 crew members---and one survivor. The Times, 4 October 1943 500 LIVES LOST IN THE...
  4. M

    News from 1912: Launch of Ceramic

    The Times, 12 December 1912 LAUNCH OF THE WHITE STAR LINER CERAMIC --- LARGEST VESSEL IN THE AUSTRALIAN SERVICE --- Messrs. Harland and Wolff, Belfast, yesterday launched from their North yard the new liner Ceramic, of about 18,000 tons, for the White Star Line. The Ceramic is the...
  5. M

    News from 1913: Maiden voyage of Ceramic

    [MAB Note: Ceramic began her maiden voyage on 24 July 1913. This article appeared some days earlier, after her initial arrival at Liverpool from Belfast.] The Times, 8 July 1913 THE NEW AUSTRALIAN LINER CERAMIC --- A "DEFENSIVE MERCHANTMAN" --- The new triple-screw White Star...
  6. D

    SS Ceramic 1917

    Does anyone know what the ill-fated SS Ceramic was being used for in 1917?. Some say it was being used as a trooper between here and France.
  7. Encyclopedia Titanica

    SS Ceramic The Sole Survivor

    Clare Hardy has written an article about her Ceramic book that has been published today on the Gare Maritime website. Ceramic : The Sole Survivor
  8. Mike Poirier

    Ceramic Survivor of Sinking

    Does anyone know if the only survivor of the Ceramic disaster gaves his account after being rleased as a prisoner of war?