charles joughin

  1. Cam Houseman

    Joughin's sinking claims

    I was wondering, do we know Joughin was always being truthful? For example, his claim of water in the "Confectioner and 2nd Baker" room on E-Deck, just aft of the forward Engine Room Bulkhead (Bulkhead K). BOT Testimony: 6209. You said when you went down to the pantry that you saw some water...
  2. T

    Charles Joughin Hypothermia Survival

    Greetings from San Francisco, I am a critical care physician with research interests in immersion hypothermia. I have long been impressed by the remarkable story of Charles Joughin, Titanic's chief baker. Reportedly, he survived over 3 hours in the sub-zero water. Some accounts have...