1. C

    Did the Olympic still stop at Cherbourg in 1934?

    Hi. I am currently in the process of writing a book, involving the Olympic. It starts off at Cherbourg harbor in 1934, so I was hoping if anyone knows if the Olympic still sailed to Cherbourg, and what tender would sail passengers out to the ship. and maybe what time the Olympic would arrive. I...
  2. J

    Mardirosian, Sarkis

    His bio and passenger summary don't match up. Anybody have more info?
  3. Chris A Moody

    Children in First Class

    So in my continuing research for my new novel, I came across this video: which stated that 6 year old Robert Spedden quickly made friends with the other children of first class. Looking here: Children on the Titanic | Encyclopedia Titanica and sorting by Class, doesn't show there were many...
  4. A

    Collision with SS Nomadic at Cherbourg?

    Survivor Edith Rosenbaum wrote about the incident in 1934. Do you think Edith was describing a common occurrence that takes place when transfers take place and was exaggerating the event, or was there a mishap and the two ships collided? Extract from her 1934 letter. 'We waited aboard the...