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    Carved Cherubs

    I should be grateful for any help in identifying the original location of the cherubs in the following photographs. I believe they came from the Britannic but so far have been unsuccessful in finding any relevant photographs. It looks like the formed to top section of a panel. Many thanks Mark
  2. P

    Staircase without clock carvings/additional info on cherubs?

    I am searching for a photo of a staircase, presumably olympics, of the staircase missing the clock carvings/and cherub post on olympic missing cherubs, or if there is one?
  3. J

    The Cherub's Newel Post

    Hello folks. Just wondering if anyone here has any information on the main Newel Post that is at the White Swan Hotel... I know there are photos of it online but I'm trying to find out what the dimensions of this are and was curious to know if anyone had ever took measurements of these...
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    The Main Cherub on Titanic & Olympic?

    Hello, I am currently trying to research the larger/main Cherubs that sat on the base of the Grand Staircase landings on both the Titanic and the Olympic and I was basically wondering if anyone here can help with some info or high resolution images or anything about who made these etc? I have...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Cherub recovered from Titanic's debris field
  6. K

    The mystery of Grand Staircase cherub

    Hello. It is known that all of the photos of Grand Staircase is of "Olympic". And photos clearly show that two types of cherubs existed: the one from aft staircase holded the lamp in his right hand, another- from grand staircase - in his left. I found a web page www titanic, there it...
  7. R

    What's the cherub's name

    I am looking for the name of the cherub at the base of the main staircase. Victorians had statues that were representative of something, IE the Honor and Glory crowning Time clock. I am really sure that the cherub has similar meaning,most likely in ancient Greece. The reason I am sure...
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    What is the name of the cherub of the grand staircase

    Hi, my name is Rob Mcgough, a long time Titanic student. Does anyone know the name of the cherub at the base of the grand stair ?
  9. S


    Does any company make a replica titanic cherub from GS. Who made it for the movie? Thanks Stefan
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    Grand Staircase Cherub

    are there any photos of the olympic's grand staircase without the cherub? i read somewhere there was
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    What has become of Olympics cherubs and the reception room landing chandelier. Plus what about the all of the tables and chairs from the dining room?
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    What happened to Olympics Cherub?
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    Where Cherub

    Where are the photo's of olympic without the cherubs, before it was scrapped?
  14. S


    Who made James Cameron's cherub and all the oak carvings for the movie. Plus are the companies who made them willing to make more for other people who want them? You can also e-mail me at: [email protected]
  15. K

    Cherub on grandstair

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the cherub from the forward grandstair. I've gone a bit bonkers and started a large woodburning project of the grandstair. This usually means I'm working on it surrounded by books with pictures, as well as the computer monitor with more images...
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    Hey Everyone, I have had this weird thing going on for a while about the cherub in the First Class Grand Staircase. If you have ever seen the recovered cherub and looked at the picture of the Grand Staircase they seem to be holding the lamp on different sides. I am wondering since the cherub...
  17. T

    Anyone see the photo of the grand staircase without the Cherub

    One seldom seen Olympic photo making the rounds amongst collectors is the one of Olympic's grand Staircase; but the Cherub was missing, leaving a hole on the bannister. The snap was taken at the time of scrapping methinks. Anyone have that handy to poste? If not, ill borrow a copy from my chum...