chief officer wilde

  1. Arun Vajpey

    Wilde at the beginning and the end of sinking

    There seems to be a certain amount of obscurity (for lack of a better word) about the movements and actions of Chief Officer Henry T Wilde during the sinking of the Titanic and this is most obvious in the immediate aftermath of the collision with the iceberg and then right at the end. I would...
  2. Sam Brannigan

    Wilde: 'I still don't like this ship... I have a queer feeling about it'

    A batch of Chief Officer Wilde's letters sold at auction last year, and the media mentioned his famous premonition, apparently in a letter posted from the ship before she left Queenstown: 'I still don't like this ship... I have a queer feeling about it'. However, I can't find this comment in...
  3. M

    Wilde with whistle and lifebelt after sinking

    Hi everyone. I wrote this question with another user to one of my previous thread but it is some time and i didn't got answer yet. Also I think that best is create thread specially for this question. So: How did Wilde get a lifejacket on as the deck was awash? And Where he got so quickly...
  4. G

    Could Henry Wilde [or the Master at ARMS] be recovered without identification?

    The description of this unidentified corpse mentions: NO. 160. - MALE. - ESTIMATED AGE, 42. - HAIR, DARK. CLOTHING - Blue suit; no boots. EFFECTS - Razor; brush; necktie; 1 penny; bracelet. PROBABLY A SAILOR. And here is Henry Wilde's personal appearance: Age: 39 Height: 6'1" (185.42cm)...
  5. G

    Number of people around Collapsibles C and D, Wilde's order, and Ismay's escape

    I know that there probably is a more specific section to put this thread in, but given the different questions I am asking in it, I thought it better to leave it in a general section, just in case. I recently happened to read a fairly new book about the sinking of the Titanic which states that...
  6. J Burdette

    Murdoch-Wilde Animosity

    I was reading a book entitled "Great Ship Disasters" when I came to a section on the Titanic. It says there was "bitterness" between Henry Wilde and William "Murdock" (sic) due to the officer reshuffle, when Murdoch was knocked down a rank. Really? I know Lightoller appeared to have gone over...
  7. Dan Parkes

    New in-depth article on Chief Officer Wilde; new family photos

    For those interested in the life and mystery surrounding Chief Officer Henry Wilde, I have added a new four page section featuring information I have collected over several years and now updated it with recently released photographs from Chris Bayliss, his grandson. The article can be found...
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

    "A Wonderful Ship, the Latest Thing in of Shipbuilding"

    Unique Relics from Titanic’s Maiden Voyage to be auctioned Henry Aldridge and Son, the world’s leading auctioneers of Titanic memorabilia are holding an auction of Titanic collectables to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic on March 31st 2012...
  9. B

    Lightoller and Wilde

    I'm not sure if this has come up before or not, but I've wondered in the back of my mind if there wasn't some animosity (one sided or mutual) between Lightoller and Wilde? Moreover, what impact would this have had during the ship's evacuation? For example, Lights not once but twice went over...
  10. M

    Murdoch and Wilde

    Hi all new here and I have a few questions hopefully people can help 1)Other then the fatal full asteern order Murdoch gave that aside could he have done something to save the ship,prehaps hard to port instead?... 2)What was Cheif Officer wilde's duties on the ship and what did he do on...
  11. L

    Wilde and wife Mary

    Hi sorry to take this as my first post but I am looking for a picture of Henry Wilde and his wife Mary is there one on the net somewhere ?If not is there a book that goes into any details about Henry Wilde and maybe his wife thanks for any replies.
  12. J

    Chief Officer Wilde

    I've been concocting this idea for a while now, and I just did a quick search on it, so it may have been done already, but here it goes: In many accounts, Murdoch is considered to have committed suicide after shooting (several?) passengers who stormed the starboard collapsible. But I've also...
  13. S

    Portrayal of Wilde

    I liked Mark Lindsay Chapman's portrayal of Chief Officer Wilde. He had less time on camera than the other officers or maybe the focus was on other characters so he went basically unnoticed as just another 'Deck Officer'. One thing the movie did accurately was after the iceberg hit, Captain...
  14. R

    Photos of Wilde

    Photo of back view of an officer/the captain walking away solitarily on open sided deck. Frequently we read that this is "probably Cpt Smith ". This tall and well-built officer looks much younger and decidedly sad....does anyone else feel this is a photo of the widowed Chief Wilde ?