1. Mattwsl401

    WANTED: White Star Line First Class demitasse cup and saucer with Wisteria pattern

    Hi fellow enthusiasts! I’m looking for some White Star Line china. To be more precise: a White Star Line First Class demitasse cup and saucer set with the Wisteria pattern. Does anyone have this for sale? Or do you know someone willing to sell a set? Please let me know. Hope to hear from you...
  2. S

    Help!! Titanic Verandah Cafe Demitasse China Cup & Saucer??

    I picked up this cup and saucer recently. It appears to be of the same design as those on the Olympic and Titantic. It has the typical Brown & Turquoise design with the White Star Lines flag. The bottom of the cup is painted with what appears to be 4488, however I'm not 100% on that first #4...
  3. G

    Chinese passengers

    I am interested to know what became of the Chinese survivors. Does anyone know what happened to them after the disaster, i.e., when they died, where they lived out their days, etc? If anyone can help me please either contact me personally or send the information to Encyclopedia Titanica...