clear cameron

  1. M

    Letter of Clear Annie Cameron

    BTW, while I was in my three month hospital stay, a close friend of mine was so kind to send me the April 22, 2007 Bonham & Butterfield auction catalogue. Amongst the lots was...lot 1663...a two-page hand written letter by Miss Clear Annie Cameron. a 2nd Class passenger, boarded the Titanic at...
  2. T

    Clear Cameron photograph

    Hello & I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday I was speaking with a fellow Titanic collector who happened to mention a photograph of Clear Cameron (second class survivor) which was sold at auction within the past year(?) Does anyone here know how much the price realized? To my...
  3. I

    Clear Annie Cameron

    I would be greatfull of any information of Clear Annie Cameron and Her friend Nellie Walcroft
  4. D

    Rosa Abbott - Clear Cameron updates

    It seems to me that there were two articles here stating that Rosa new info on Abbott and Clear Cameron had been found and would be presented. Has this happened? Thanks. Dennis
  5. Phillip Gowan

    CLEARly A Big Find

    On occasion I've jumped up and down when a long sought after Titanic survivor has finally been located. But I don't think one has ever excited me as much as this past Thursday. Through the confluence of tidbits shared by several researchers including Geoff Whitfield and Senan Molony, I'm very...
  6. C

    Clear Annie Cameron

    Hello, Is clear really Annie's real first name or is it a nickname of some sort? i was curious. thanks. Chloe