1. Christophe Puttemans

    Possible setback of clocks before collision

    Some researchers think the ship's bridge clock was retarded before the collision. David Brown suggested 10 pm. If this is true, there may be major consequences to the story of Titanic as we know it: the 11:40 pm time was adjusted, while most other times were not. Titanic sank faster than...
  2. M

    Grand staircase of Titanic? or Olympic?

    Hey everyone! I've always seen the pictures of the grand staircase from Titanic ( But I was reading a wikipedia article which said this picture is actually from the Olympic? Grand Staircase of the RMS Titanic - Wikipedia, the free...
  3. eckerman

    Time Iceberg Struck - Converted to U.S. EDT

    I need a little help, please. It is understood that the Titanic struck the iceberg at 11:40 PM (April 14, 1912). But that was, as I understand, "Titanic Time" - the time at which the clocks on the Titanic were set (and having been reset on a daily basis as the ship changed time zones). Would...
  4. G

    Is this the original Titanic's clock

    Hi! I have found this photo on an internet site. Someone suggests that this the only photo existent about Titanic's clock! What do you think about? Regards
  5. S

    The clock on the grand staircase

    I've read conflicting accounts with regards to the clock on the grand staircase (the ones crowned by honour and glory) one account with (I believe it is Titanic a journey through time by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas) states that there was no clock, only a mirror because they hadn't...
  6. S

    The Grand staircase clock

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site and message board, but I have a query I was hoping someone could help me with. I have a number of books, and I have noticed a discrepancy between a couple of them. One book says that Olympic had a much less ornate clock than Titanic (and has a picture of...