1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    A Hypothesis of Times Gone Wrong

    Introduction The issue of time on Titanic is not a new topic and many articles chapters and books have tried to tackle it. But what is it about Titanic’s time that has drawn so much controversy that it needs such scrutiny? I will attempt to explain. First is understanding that the ship’s clocks...
  2. F

    Question Who made the clocks on RMS Titanic?

    Who designed or manufactured the clocks on the Titanic?
  3. Samuel Halpern

    Time and Again

    After months of research and preparation: Time and Again - Titanic's Final Hours This 175-page article has covered more ground on the subject of time, as it relates to Titanic, than has ever been compiled in one place before. It is a comprehensive effort by 7 researchers, with consultation...
  4. Christophe Puttemans

    Possible setback of clocks before collision

    Some researchers think the ship's bridge clock was retarded before the collision. David Brown suggested 10 pm. If this is true, there may be major consequences to the story of Titanic as we know it: the 11:40 pm time was adjusted, while most other times were not. Titanic sank faster than...
  5. J

    Any watches clocks indicating the final time

    I am not sure if this is where this should go but i have a question regarding time. Has there ever been a clock // watch found with the time frozen in place.. I know that in the mysteries of titanic documentary they said they had found a clock on the one nightstand and i was curious if they...
  6. T

    Significance of the time on the Straus cabin clock

    I believe Parks mentioned that the clock spotted on the fireplace mantle in the Strauss suite on C deck had it's intact hands frozen at '2:04'. Odds are the clock stopped the moment it became submerged- but some have suggested it may have continued to function for some minutes..... I'm...