coal bunker

  1. brionboyles

    Coal bunker in the 1st and 2nd Class Galley

    Recently I posed an answer about "smoke" coming from the fourth funnel, in which I submitted that the funnel served as ventilation for the galley and some engineering spaces. I decided to research possible sources of exhaust steam and "smoke" that might make an appearance, and came upon a...
  2. Bob Read

    Access to coal bunkers on Titanic

    Does anyone know how trimmers could access the coal bunkers. I have studied the iron plans and I can’t find any obvious access other than through the coaling doors or through the bunker hatch at the stokehold level. There are trimmers holes on G deck but I don’t see any way of accessing G deck...
  3. TimTurner

    Coal Bunker design

    I'm building a computer model of titanic and I'm trying to understand the layout of the upper boiler rooms and coal bunkers. I'm working off of the Bruce Beveridge schematic and some of the geometry is less clear here. 1. Above the boiler rooms, the room narrows, like a big square donut with...
  4. Mike Spooner

    Coal Bunker fire?

    I am quite sure the coal bunker fire must of been discussed many times over the years. But I can't find it at present. The question why I ask is looking at the IMMC rule 248: According to Rule No 248 of the IMMCo’s ‘Ship Rules and Uniform Regulations’ that was in force at the time: 248...
  5. G

    Titanic: The New Evidence

    I've been a lurker here for a long time. Currently watching this documentary on Channel 4 here in the U.K. I don't know what to make of this at all. Anyone else watching or planning to watch this?
  6. Tomás Eduardo Podestá


    I've ben told that there was a fire in coal deposit nber 5 since the moment the ship departured from Cherburg. Could it add some damage to the structure in contact with cold water?.
  7. W

    Book on Titanic Propulsion Plant

    Richard de Kerbrech, already a very familiar name to many Titanic buffs, has a new book out, Down Amongst the Black Gang: The World and Workplace of RMS Titanic's Stokers, published by History Press. Very much up to his usual standard.
  8. T

    Coal bunkers

    If Im not putting this in the right place, Im sorry. I just went Engine Stuff + Coal Bunker = Logic? Also, I looked up coal bunker on the search and nothing like this question came up. Anyway, how the heck did the coal bunkers work? Was it just a giant storage room, full of coal, and...
  9. D

    Bunker Number 10 Boiler Room 6

  10. C

    How much coal did the coal bunkers contain

    How much coal? Thanks
  11. D

    The fires in Titanics Coal Bunkers

    When she was delivered she had a fire burning in the Coal Bunker that the Captain new about. Was it the Titanic that sank???I think they swapped the Olympic ships as the Olympic had a List to Port after an earlier accident. They were both under insured and I think there was a cover up to get the...
  12. M

    Bunker Fire

    Just purchased a book which stated that there was a fire burning in the coal storage area of the hold. Crew members tried to put the fire out but could only keep it under control as it was burning on the bottom. Is anyone else familiar with this fact. Shinyauto