1. Alex Clark


    Regarding the dust that resulted from coaling ship, would there be any way at all the effect could be mitigated? Would ventilation throughout the vessel be stopped and doors all be closed in accommodation? I imagine it would be a nightmare if dust got into places like the á la carte restaurant...
  2. H

    Titanic's Port List

    They did take coal from 3 other vessels in the White Star Dock from RMS Majestic (1889), St louis (1894) and Philadelphia (1888) which were all still laid off due to the coal strike. The controversial show ''Titanic: The New Evidence'' gave the SUGGESTION that they made Titanic go faster to New...
  3. C

    Titanic Coal Research Query

    Hello I am looking to source documentary evidence about how/where the coal was acquired for the Titanic. Specifically I am trying to tie the coal back to the Rhondda Valley in Wales and in a perfect world to the Lewis Merthyr Collieries. Here's what I know so far (but I have not seen copies of...
  4. G

    Titanic: The New Evidence

    I've been a lurker here for a long time. Currently watching this documentary on Channel 4 here in the U.K. I don't know what to make of this at all. Anyone else watching or planning to watch this?
  5. J

    What is the cold start-up sequence/procedure of Titanic?

    Does anyone know, or does anyone know where I can find out, how long it took to heat up the water (starting with cold water, and with empty furnaces) in Titanic's boilers and get a head of steam that could run the engines? I'm not talking about full steam pressure, but you know, kind of...