collision avoidance

  1. Sarah S

    If they avoided the iceberg

    Hello everyone, if they had seen the iceberg in time and avoided the collision succesfully, what would they have done next? Stop all the machines and rested for the entire night, or would Smith still have ordered to continue with “low speed”? Would the thought of having “almost” collided with...
  2. Arun Vajpey

    Murdoch's orders & the helm during the collision?

    I was under the impression (and I admit that I may have got it wrong) that during the days of the Titanic and for some time afterwards, the direction of a ship's helm turn was opposite to the direction in which the bow was intended to go. In other words, turning the helm to starboard (right)...
  3. Christophe Puttemans

    Hard a starboard by Jim Currie

    It's now been over 15 years since "The Last Log of the Titanic" by David G. Brown was published and a few weeks ago, I first read the newer article "Hard-a-starboard". Then, while watching the documentary "Titanic conspiracy: The Ship that Never Sank?" I developed a new theory about how the...
  4. T

    The Iceberg

    Once the iceberg was spotted, we know Murdoch ordered Hard-A-Starboard and the engines [Answer here, please] While the collision was taking place, did Murdoch port around the iceberg or did the ship keep turning to starboard? Or did the ship scrape the whole iceberg, and somehow managed not...
  5. Dan E. Parkes

    Did Murdoch make a fatal steering error?

    In September 2010, Lady Louise Patten, Second Officer Lightoller's granddaughter, released information that accused experienced sailors, First Officer Murdoch and Quartermaster Hichens, of making a fatal steering error and later deliberate negligence by continuing to sail after the collision...
  6. Arun Vajpey

    Murdoch's position just before impact

    There is one point which I have wondered before but hesitated from posting for fear getting my head bitten off. Murdoch was in the starboard wing of the bridge when he saw the berg, perhaps in reponse to Fleet's 3 bells. Is there any evidence as to how far on in the starboard wing Murdoch was...
  7. H

    Steering left to avoid the berg

    Why do the officers ordered hard a starbord?I thought the berg was dead ahead!
  8. R

    Lightoller's granddaughter claims steering error sank Titanic

    From the Daily Telegraph: "Titanic sunk by steering blunder, new book claims" Quote: "It was always thought the Titanic sank because its crew were sailing too fast and failed to...
  9. D


    All other titanic experts... As you all know, Murdoch ordered HARD-A-PORT right after the initial collision...we all know that if the center screw(propellor) was turning at a small speed not even excessing 20-35 revolutions that the turning of the ship would have been greatly affected..But...