collision theory

  1. Cam Houseman

    Was the Hull near G-Deck damaged?

    Was the Hull near G-Deck, (for example, the Mail Room) damaged in the collision? As soon, or immediately after, the Mail Room was reported to be flooding, and as we know, the Mail Clerks began to try to drag the mailbags up to Higher Ground. Being the closest Deck to the top of the waterline...
  2. B-rad

    Titanic’s Evasive Maneuvers

    I couldn't find a thread that encompasses the overall Evasive Maneuvers taken the night of April 14, 1912, at 11:40pm, so I created one. If there already is one I apologize. I thought I would share a paper that I've been working on for a long, long time, just never figured how I'd present it...
  3. D

    Propulsion/steering system

    Hello everyone :) I have a question regarding the propeller system on the Titanic. I have been interested in Titanic for many years but I am not a sailor or a ship captain by any means. Now to my question. I am aware Titanic had 3 propellers, two main engines on the port and starboard side and...
  4. Dan Kappes

    Iceberg collision sequence

    There's a scene in the film shortly after the Titanic hits the iceberg in which Richard Basehart shows Clifton Webb the iceberg in the distance and Webb asks him "Did we hit it?". Basehart replies "No, it hit us." I don't think it matters either way if the iceberg hit the Titanic or vice versa...
  5. Kyle Naber

    Titanic: Honor and Glory Collision Theory

    youtube:w3cpXbVGYxk Any opinions?
  6. H

    Titanic's Port List

    They did take coal from 3 other vessels in the White Star Dock from RMS Majestic (1889), St louis (1894) and Philadelphia (1888) which were all still laid off due to the coal strike. The controversial show ''Titanic: The New Evidence'' gave the SUGGESTION that they made Titanic go faster to New...
  7. A

    Theory Iceberg Collision Video

    After reading many possible theories I decided to edit this video to show how the collision may have occurred. Is this scenario possible? .
  8. Christophe Puttemans

    Hard a starboard by Jim Currie

    It's now been over 15 years since "The Last Log of the Titanic" by David G. Brown was published and a few weeks ago, I first read the newer article "Hard-a-starboard". Then, while watching the documentary "Titanic conspiracy: The Ship that Never Sank?" I developed a new theory about how the...
  9. T

    The Iceberg

    Once the iceberg was spotted, we know Murdoch ordered Hard-A-Starboard and the engines [Answer here, please] While the collision was taking place, did Murdoch port around the iceberg or did the ship keep turning to starboard? Or did the ship scrape the whole iceberg, and somehow managed not...
  10. J

    Ice On Deck by Henning Pfeifer

    Thanks for the article, Henning. So you're saying the collison buckled the ice, and some of it burst upward and ricocheted from the upper part of the iceberg on to the deck. It works for me. You know, this type of event could probably be re-created with models. You might try that to buttress...