1. M

    Olympic's position when she lost a propeller blade

    Hello ! I was wondering if someone knew the Olympic's exact position (in degrees) in the North Atlantic when she lost a propeller blade on February 24, 1912 ? According to this site, the collision occured about 750 miles off the Newfoundland coast. This is the only information I have...
  2. chrismireya

    Anatomy of the Iceberg

    I was searching through the Encyclopedia Titanica forums for a thread that dealt specifically with what we know of the Titanic iceberg itself. Unfortunately, I haven't found one that focused entirely upon the anatomy of that iceberg. There are posts/threads about the various photographs which...
  3. chrismireya

    Did Titanic experience any angular shift when it turned hard to starboard/port?

    Did Titanic experience any roll/loll when it turned hard to starboard/port? If Titanic was at or near top velocity prior to sighting of the iceberg, is it possible that it experience any yawning or rolling during the emergency "hard to starboard" maneuver? The reason that I ask is that so many...
  4. M

    Collisions of USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain