competence of officers

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    Captain Smith's role in the disaster

    RMS Titanic, Inc. has posted this on their blog: What role do you think Captain Smith played in the Titanic disaster? Was he a hero, or is he responsible for the deaths of those who didn't survive the sinking? Leave your feedback in the comment section... Innocuous question? What are your...
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    El Capitain

    Probably an incredibly rediculous thought, however I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about what would happen to Captain Smith if he had survived or even boarded a life boat. Would there have been a trial against him? Would people have accused him of negligence, cowardice or possibly have...
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    Did Capt. Smith have any other incidents?

    in Leo Mariotts book Titanic i have found that asides from the Olympic incident he was also involved with the Republic (1) running aground at New York plus 3 crew were killed in a boiler accident on the same 1890 he ran a ship aground of Rio De 1901 aboard the Majestic and 1906...
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    Captain Smith's crucial decision making

    did captain smith make the decision to pick up the speed despite the warnings of icebergs on his own or did he let the pressure of someone else do the talking?
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    What if EJ survived?

    Hi all, I know this question must intrigue the rest of you as much as it has always intrigued me. If Captain Smith had survived the sinking what would his fate have been? Would he have been villified like Ismay? Would we know more about the tragic command decisions that lead to the collision...