composition of iceberg

  1. Dan Kappes

    Were there rocks in the iceberg?

    Did the ice of the iceberg itself make the holes in the hull, or were there any rocks in the iceberg that caused greater damage?
  2. Christophe Puttemans

    Hard a starboard by Jim Currie

    It's now been over 15 years since "The Last Log of the Titanic" by David G. Brown was published and a few weeks ago, I first read the newer article "Hard-a-starboard". Then, while watching the documentary "Titanic conspiracy: The Ship that Never Sank?" I developed a new theory about how the...
  3. J

    Ice On Deck by Henning Pfeifer

    Thanks for the article, Henning. So you're saying the collison buckled the ice, and some of it burst upward and ricocheted from the upper part of the iceberg on to the deck. It works for me. You know, this type of event could probably be re-created with models. You might try that to buttress...