1. nemesisagogo

    Empty corridors

    What is the purpose of the corridors that just have a locker at the end of them ? (I understand the ones that give access to rooms). it just seams a waste of space. picture is from B deck
  2. Kyle Naber

    What the corridors looked like

    As far as I know, there are no known photographs of the corridors of any of the three classs- only of the cabins. However, the upcoming video game called Titanic: Honor and Glory team has made a couple of discoveries about the first class hallways and Scotland Road. James Cameron depicted his...
  3. R

    First class A deck forward cabin corridors concealed behind doors

    Here is my first ever post...after ten years of reading these wonderful forums! My question is: from the deck plans, if we look at the very first two corridors of the forward first class cabins on A deck (both port and starboard directly after the baized doors entrances), they are concealed...