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  1. The Countess of Rothes

    The Countess of Rothes

    Portrait of the Countess of Rothes by Bassano, taken in 1917. © National Portrait Gallery (x84630) (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
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    A Matter of Course The story of Noelle Rothes Titanic's 'Plucky Little Countess'

    Hats off to Randy for his article on Noelle.
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    Countess of Rothes' old home to be restored

    Good news (hopefully!) on the fate of Noelle, Countess of Rothes’ former home, the 17th century Leslie House, in Fife, which is soon to be restored for residential purposes after serving for several decades as a senior citizens retirement facility operated by the Church of Scotland. Leslie...
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    Lucy Noël Martha Countess of Rothes

    Hello. I am fairly new to the message board, but I enjoy learning about Titanic and drawing passengers. Currently, i am working on a drawing of the Countess of Rothes. Does anybody have any suggestions of what the Countess should be doing in the picture? I have already drawn her head, but I am...
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    Did the Countess of Rothes have experience working with boats?

    Since the Countess of Rothes was a heroin in life boat # 8, did she have any experience in working with boats prior to being on the titanic? Was the titanic her first experience working with boats?
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    Photographs of Countess Of Rothes, Lady Duff Gordon and Molly Brown in old age

    Hi guys, does anybody know if there are any photo's of the Countess Of Rothes,Molly Brown or Lady Duff Gordon when they reached old age??
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    Countess of Rothes

    I would like to know if there has ever been a biography on her? { Lucy Martha Dyer-Edwards} I know she was a passenger on the Titanic, and she was the " as it was said the hero of lifeboat No. 8 " Did she raise a family with any of her husband's and is the family still in existence/...
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    Roberta Maioni

    Hi, In Roberta's account of the voyage featured here on her biography page, she says that on the fatefull Sunday evening, she went to the music room to listen to the band. Does she mean the Lounge? Thanks Andrew Maheux (pronounced- Mayhew)