crew photographs

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    Very Good Pictures of the Crew

    I found a site that has a lot of good pictures of the crew members: BBC News - Titanic: Faces of the crew
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    2 Titanic crew photos held by Library of Congress

    I found two photos of Titanic crewmen among the digitalized Harris & Ewing Collection. DENT RAY, F. TITANIC; STEWARD Dent Ray and two others FLEET, FREDERICK. TITANIC Fred Fleet I've seen many photos of Lookout Fleet, but I don't think I ever saw this one before. He's standing alone with...
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    Photo of officers

    I was wondering if anyone had or have the address to where I can find photographs of the officers on Titanic? Some officers don't have their pictures here (Boxhall, Moody, Wilde). Cheers Espen