1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    The Black Star Line

    The Black Star Line How the So-Called White Star Line Haggles with Bereaved Relatives of Titanic Victims... We have no hesitation in characterising the conduct of Messrs. Ismay, Imrie and Co. as brutal and heartless. John Bull Sat, 06 Jul 1912
  2. I

    Specific Crew Assignment Documents?

    Is there any records or lists that have been found of Crew Members and their specific assignments aboard the Titanic? For example, maybe which stewards were to cover which state rooms? Or which members had which badge numbers? Anything of that nature of similar could be of great use and help...
  3. H

    Paul Lee's "Titanic: The Homecoming; Tales From The Lapland"

    Thought I would post here in case anyone else didn't know but Paul Lee has published a new book back in late April called "Titanic: The Homecoming; Tales From The Lapland." His new book details the SS Lapland's Eastbound Voyage from New York to Plymouth carrying the surviving members of...
  4. Limerick Lass

    David Blair not on the list of Belfast Delivery Crew (10 Feb 2020)

    Hi all, Does anyone know why David Blair is not currently (10 Feb 2020) listed as part of the Belfast to Southampton Delivery Crew? Capt. Haddock IS on the list, so I can't understand why Blair isn't. A lot of those listed have 'Delivery Crew Only' noted, so I expected to see his name there. LL
  5. Sidney Daniels

    Sidney Daniels

    Photo early 1980s
  6. Bobby Whalen

    Sailors Home

    Does anyone has the 17 names of the Titanic crew that stayed at the Sailors Home ???
  7. Kareen Healey

    Where would the crew sleep while in NY ?

    Hello everyone, Last night while finishing reading the awesome book "On A Sea of Glass" I wondered where the crew used to sleep while the ship was in New-York? It seems obvious that that could be on the ship, but if we push the thought a little further, it becomes far less obvious : in winter...
  8. M

    Staff Whistles

    I would be very grateful for the forums help. Did any of the crew carry whistles ? Many thanks
  9. J

    John George Johnson

    Hi all, I'm researching our family tree and my great grandfather, John George Johnson, was a Quartermaster for White Star Line. We know this to be true. He lived in Liverpool. I've recently linked to family, who live in the USA. We have no record of my great grandfather being in the UK from...
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic People Explorer 1.0

    Try the new Titanic People Explorer to search, copy export and print from the ET People Database. Use the different controls to add and remove information, filter records and then copy, save as PDF or Excel or send to your printer. Free and unlimited for all subscribers - try a fully...
  11. P

    Identifying crew in photos

    I am new to this site, this is my first post. Have been interested (obsessed) with Titanic for years. There are some very interesting crew photos where individuals can be identified. There is a photo of surviving crew members on a bunch of steps outside a building, New York, I think. Reginald...
  12. M

    Stewards and other miscellaneous crew members

    When steerage passengers are hold down, a crewman arrive to aid them before Chief Officer Wilde pass order: "Women and Children up top!". Now my question is what that Crewman is? He is dressed this way: Thanks in Advance!
  13. Charles

    Where did the Window Cleaners, Extra QMs, and Deck Engineers/Storekeeper sleep?

    Hi, I was just wondering where these people slept because I can't find these people's cabins anywhere and I am making a document for every crew member and passenger that includes where they slept. These are problems. *There seems to be 7 Quartermasters, and the only cabin I find for them is on...
  14. M

    Where did the officers eat?

    Hello all, I know that the ship's officers had their own mess as it were, but were they expected to eat in the first class dining saloon if they weren't on duty at the bridge? Did they act as hosts? Thanks, ~Matt
  15. C

    Crew dining area

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows where the victualling crew (stewards, cooks, etc.) ate? Did they use the passenger dinning rooms when the passengers were not eating? Thanks
  16. J

    Stoker/Trimmer Employment on Titanic

    Hi, Generally when reading of Titanic's stokers and trimmers, only the briefest of mention is made to how they came to sign on to the ship. My pretty basic understanding, is that an individual would seek employment for a voyage on a ship by ship basis, rather than a permanent position with a...
  17. Charles

    Were the Titanic stewardesses assigned to a class onboard the ship?

    I have been researching 9/11 stuff during my Titanic years, and into the process, I found that onboard the flights (I found on Flight 93 first) the flight attendants had been assigned to a certain class cabin (such as one flight attendant assigned to first class, another into coach, etc.)...
  18. M

    Stewards and other miscellaneous crew members

    Hi there was 3 Third Class Stewards including Steward 3 , There also was Sailor with Fire Axe and two men in blue suit. And My Question is Who they are (that ones in blue jackets), If First Class Stewards or Second Class Stewards or what. Please, Please answer me.
  19. Ellie Stevenson

    So you think you know all about Titanic: quiz

    Test your Titanic knowledge with this lighthearted but teaser of a quiz! Discussion on the answers welcome! The So you think you know all about Titanic? quiz: 10 questions by Ellie Stevenson
  20. R

    Violet jessop

    I think this lady is possibly the most interesting of all the crew and passengers. She served on Olympic and witnessed the accident with Hawk, was on Titanic when it went down and also survived the sinking of the Brittanic. Quite a lady and yet amongst all the high profile names, seems to get...