1. Gazz

    Is Titanic James Cameron's Best Film?

    Hi all, just popping in to post a video review of Titanic, the film that singlehandedly kickstarted my interest in the disaster as well as continuing my love affair with Cameron's movies. On the last watch through I actually came to realise that this is probably Cameron's best film and certainly...
  2. Aurélien WOLFF

    Odd takes on this movie

    While I do like this movie and find it verry good for a 1958 movie (in my opinion, it's much better and much more enjoyable than the 2000 britannic movie), I find it really odd to go so far as to call it the definitive titanic movie. To me, a definitive titanic movie would be one who doesn't...
  3. D

    Reversing Engines, Unfair Criticism of Officer Murdoch

    My interest in the Titanic goes back to when I was a child. I saw either Titanic(1953) or A Night to Remember and took an interest in the ship. I would ask my father questions about it and whenever I did that he would direct me to the library to go find out about it. This was in the early...
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic (ITV Drama Miniseries TV Review)

    Monica Hall reviews the first episode of Julian Fellowes new fourpart drama Titanic... Titanic Review Tue, 27 Mar 2012 Read more... More...
  5. T

    In defense of James Cameron's Titanic movie

    A question to those who delight in tearing apart James Cameron's Titanic movie- How should it have been done differently? I think James Cameron was brilliant in being able to market his film to a VERY wide audience by touching on many different genres- The movie was an action film, a romance, a...
  6. M

    Most horrible Titanic movie ever

    IMO, this was the worst Titanic movie ever. There were so many errors.
  7. H

    Worst scene from a Titanic film ever

    Hello all! This is my very first posting (so bear with me!). I chose to write here first because funnily enough i was watching a copy of the 1980 film Raise the Titanic only this morning. I cant really fault this film, but one film that really bugged me? Titanic starring Catherine Zeta-Jones...
  8. C

    Criticism of Titanic's Officers

    I think it's a bloody disgrace that the officers of the Titanic are being criticized by some. I think they performed their duty very admirably that night and any short comings such as slowness was to expected. I mean after all they are human and humans are not perfect. Like some of you have...