cross-channel passengers

  1. Mark VII

    Overview of photos taken by Titanic's passengers

    In another thread the total number of known photos taken of the Titanic was mentioned (363). I wanted to know how many of those photos were taken by passengers aboard Titanic or - before embarking/ after disembarking - the ship. As far as I know only Frank Browne and Kate Odell – both first...
  2. B

    K. and H. V. Davies

    I am new to this site. I am wondering if anyone has any more information on a Miss K Davies or Mr. H.V. Davies listed as cross channel passengers. All I have is the ticket number listed as 406, £2. Any help will be appreciated. Brenda:):)
  3. B

    Cross Channel passengers

    I am sorry, I did not know where to put this thread (Again) Why are Browne, The Mays' and the Odells' on the same Ticket? And their Fares are counted together? Then... would it be only 1 ticket for all of them. or would they have had 1ticket each with the same number on it? Regards...
  4. J

    Cross-channel passengers (Dyer-Edwardes)

    I discovered a website containing information regarding the Countess of Rothes' parents, Thomas Dyer-Edwardes, Jr., and Clementina Georgina Lucy Drummond Villiers. The information is accurate, but I question one part of it. It states that Thomas and Clementina Dyer-Edwardes were cross-channel...
  5. G

    Cross-channel passengers (Lenox-Conyngham)

    What happened to Eileen Lenox-Conyngham? I know she was present at the 1988 convention, but i cant find any material on her.
  6. D

    Cross-channel passenger (Brand)

    Does anyone have recent information concerning cross-Channel passenger 'Mr Brand'
  7. A

    Cross-channel passengers (dates of death)

    Can someone tell me what year the cross passengers died. Thanks Andrew
  8. H

    Cross-channel passengers (General)

    Hi, Can anyone tell me more about the cross-channel passengers? The only ones of which there is more information are the Odell/May family and Father Browne. What more background information about them is very intresting. Regards, Hildo
  9. D

    Cross-channel passenger (Mr Nichol)

    Hello, Does anyone know anything about cross channel passenger Mr. Nichol? Was he indeed a passenger and was he a Mr. Nichol? So little is known about him that I suspect he may have been Browne, as no other record of Browne exists and Browne was definitely a passenger on Titanic from...