crow's nest

  1. FredFleet_R&D

    FRED Film - The Untold True Story of RMS Titanic Lookout Frederick Fleet

    Hi all, i'd like to introduce a film project i'm working on which aims to tell tragic story of Frederick Fleet - Titanic's lookout who spotted the iceberg. Predominantly set in 1965 Southampton. We meet Fred a solemn man in his late seventies. From the off, we see Fred burying his late wife...
  2. C

    Crow's nest

    Was there a reason the crows nests weren't sheltered on the Olympic class ships, and other ships from that era? The cold sea air would obviously help keep the look outs alert, but surely exposure to extreme elements like wind, rain and freezing conditions etc. would greatly impact on the...
  3. Jim Currie

    Four in a nest?

    I have been pilloried for asking this before, but I ask it yet again. In the famous photograph alleged to be of Titanic leaving Southampton, if you zoom into the crows nest, you will see a person wearing an officer's hat at the front of the nest, two sailors watching the tugs on the starboard...
  4. R

    Crow's Nests

    Just a question. Do any ships still have Crow's Nests or did they go out with RADAR ? I remember an old Navy joke. The best radars in the Navy are the "SE" model radars. "Sailor's Eyes"
  5. Arun Vajpey

    Lookout in the Crow's Nest

    I have always wondered about one nautical aspect and was hoping that with so many people with seagoing experience here someone may have the right answer. Does anyone know who, when and where discovered the concept of using lookouts positioned at a height much higher than the topmost deck? I...
  6. derek byrne

    Key to "Crow's Nest Telephone Titanic"

    I am interested in the key that David Blair did not pass on when he left the Titanic in Southampton. The key that is being auctioned is what he reportedly kept as a souvenir. It has a tag "Crow's Nest Telephone Titanic" and I am puzzled that if this was the key to the telephone in the crow's...
  7. R

    How high above the waterline......

    How high above the waterline on the Titanic were ? The Main Deck ? The Bridge ? The Crow's Nest ?
  8. A

    Crows nest - Was it Really Possible to see the Iceberg?

    The British Inquiry asked Ernest Shackleton if icebergs were easier to detect from the crows nest. He said: "....from a height it is not so easily seen; it blends with the ocean if you are looking down at an angle like that. If you are on the sea level it may loom up." "Better, the nearer you...
  9. A

    Lookout reports another Ship in the Crows Nest

    Does anyone know roughly what time the lookout saw the other ship and which lookout it might have been? Frederick Fleet said - "The other lookout reported it." 4th officer Boxhall said: "I worked on the boat covers, taking off the boat covers on the boat deck when I heard the crows nest...
  10. A

    Crow's nest to the bridge

    I had look things up on the net and came across some information pior about the phone call that James Moody took from the crowsnest. This may have made the impact alot less therefore Tianic may have survived this whole disarter. All this happend before the officer's even taken any...
  11. C

    How To Get To The Crows Nest

    I have been fuming and having steam coming out of my ears and for the life of me, I have yet to find the means by which the lookout crews got up into the Crows Nest. I have been thinking that there was a ladder inside, but It got to be too thin. I also thought of the rigging on both sides, but...
  12. Ryan McKeefery

    The Crow's Nest Bell

    Does anyone know where the Crow's Nest Bell is these days? It was in Liverpool Maritime Museum a few years back, but when I returned with my camera the following year, it had been replaced by the cast. Anyone know its whereabouts now? Thanks in advance.
  13. M

    Additional theory RE Crow's Nest

    Hello: I also have a documented one page NEWSWEEK article regarding Ballard's '86 visit to TITANIC. In the article (features one photo as well) mention of Martin Bowen's exploration of the foremast with his *swimming eyeball* whereupon his "J.J". R.O.V. became somewhat entangled at or around...
  14. P

    The Crows Nest

    How, and why did the Crows Nest collapse? I have heard from various sources that it either collapsed because of metal fatigue (Charles Haas told me that only one of the supporting rods at the base of the nest was in existence in 1985/6 and it was on the point of rusting through) or due to...
  15. Maureen Zottoli


    There are many rumors, stories, and feelings about where the Crow's Nest's binoculars were. Can;t place where I read it, but it seems that I haev seen that they were placed in a locker by the officer who was replaced and never sailed and so were on the ship the whole time. Any other stories...