1. T

    Cunard Princess as a Hotel and Mussum Ship?

    Where do you think would be a good place to preserve the Cunard Princess as a hotel and museum ship. I feel that possible locations include Bahrain, Tilbury, Copenhagen, and the Canary Wharf area of London. I feel that the ship should be preserved as a hotel and museum ship rather than as as an...
  2. Jessie M.

    White Star/Cunard/Carnival

    Hello! So I've actually been doing a lot of research and such on this infamous Shipping company for a while now - no particular reason, just curious! And after a quite a bit of digging I found that info having to do with them after they merged with Cunard has been a bit scarce. I've heard rumors...
  3. S

    Aquitania Color Photographs

    Hello All: A simple request for information as I am working on a Web-site relating to the History of the RMS Aquitania and Cunard Lines. I would like to know if there are any additional FULL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES OF THE AQUITANIA other then the ones listed below: 1.) Stern View...
  4. T

    The Queen Elizabeth wreck still exists or part of it

    When the poor Queen Elizabeth was burned to a crisp in 1972 under the new name Seawise University, her burned out hulk sat in Hong Kong harbor for a few years. In fact, I think it was in the James Bond film Man With the Golden Gun ,that the charred wreck was used as the hideout for Bond and his...