david blair

  1. Limerick Lass

    David Blair not on the list of Belfast Delivery Crew (10 Feb 2020)

    Hi all, Does anyone know why David Blair is not currently (10 Feb 2020) listed as part of the Belfast to Southampton Delivery Crew? Capt. Haddock IS on the list, so I can't understand why Blair isn't. A lot of those listed have 'Delivery Crew Only' noted, so I expected to see his name there. LL
  2. derek byrne

    Key to "Crow's Nest Telephone Titanic"

    I am interested in the key that David Blair did not pass on when he left the Titanic in Southampton. The key that is being auctioned is what he reportedly kept as a souvenir. It has a tag "Crow's Nest Telephone Titanic" and I am puzzled that if this was the key to the telephone in the crow's...
  3. P

    David Blair and the lookouts' binoculars

    I have read from several different sources that David Blair knew where the lookouts binoculars were but never had the chance to tell anyone before he left the ship. Is this the truth or is it possible this is another subject that may have been stretched as many have said of Captain Smith's...