1. William Oakes

    Titanic deaths not caused by hypothermia or drowning

    Has anyone ever compiled a list of the known deaths on April 15, not caused by drowning or hypothermia. Examples: severe injury during the sinking resulting in death, shooting, falling funnels, fighting, etc. I am particularly interested to know if there were fatalities that resulted in being...
  2. Jason D. Tiller

    News SHIP HAS SAILED Where Titanic stars are now – ‘wrongful death’ to James Cameron ‘affair’ & unrecognisable child star who quit showbiz

    ITS release in 1997 was far from a shipwreck - Titanic sailed into the record books with 11 Oscars and a box office haul of £2.2billion.
  3. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic discovery: 'Ghostly shapes' of 'people freezing to death' uncovered in find

    THE TITANIC's discovery sparked a new wave of interest in the tragic vessel, and the crew that found her at the bottom of the ocean admitted seeing "ghostly shapes" when stumbling upon the ship...
  4. M

    Death of Bruno Nordmanis

    It is being reported elsewhere (including the ET Facebook group) that Bruno Nordmanis, the longtime companion of Millvina Dean, has died. He was 97 years old.
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Tragic death in a bank

    Alfred White a beer retailer entered the premises asked for 2 worth of coppers and became suddenly ill. ... Hampshire Advertiser Sat, 14 Jan 1922 Continue reading...
  6. P

    Titanic Death and Dependants

    I am searching for any information on William Smith born 1886 Birmingham died 1912 age 26. I need to find details of his Wife and children but none of the Titanic records I can view include this information.. His body was not recovered . Thank you Pam
  7. Encyclopedia Titanica

  8. M

    News from 1918: Death of Purser John Rooney

    The Sun, New York, 4 May 1918 Original article digitized by the New York Public Library Retrieved from the Library of Congress' Chronicling America web site, JOHN ROONEY --- Word was received here yesterday of the death in Liverpool of John Rooney, purser...
  9. Itsstillthinking

    Titanic: Death Of A Dream Soundtrack

    While most of the music (to my knowledge anyway) is still not available anywhere from our favorite documentary i got most of the classical pieces featured in the documentary many years ago and thought id let everyone else enjoy it too Enjoy Europe 1900 - 1940 (40 years of history).zip
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Author's Death Kills Mother
  11. J

    Quigg Baxter's death

    In the final scenes of the British docudrama, Inside the Titanic (2012), Quigg Baxter is shown as having returned to his lover's empty cabin to await his end. The movie portrays him as having died in an air pocket from implosion. Even though no one probably witnessed his death, is this...
  12. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Deaths of Shipyard Workers
  13. S

    A question about deaths in lifeboats

    In a discussion on another forum, the question was raised of how many people, if any, died in the lifeboats as a result of the cold air, or due to being splashed with seawater. I've read that Carpathia buried four to six survivors at sea, but haven't found any information on causes of death. And...
  14. A

    Survivor deaths from 1918 flu pandemic and WWII

    I know several passengers and/or crew were killed during World War I. However, I'd like to know if there was any death related to the 1918 flu pandemic. And also, WWII casualties. I only know of a trimmer who was killed during the heavy bombing of Southampton in 1940. I can't remember his...
  15. Encyclopedia Titanica

  16. M

    News from 1913: Death of Capt. Metcalfe

    MAB note: 1. The inconsistent spelling of "Metcalf(e) is in the original and and in nearly forty years' worth of California newspaper articles. 2. Metcalfe brought Belgic to the Pacific in 1875, not 1878 as reported here. 3. A Maryport native and nephew of Thomas Ismay, Metcalfe commanded...
  17. M

    News from 1913: Death of Officer Morrow

    The Evening Post, Wellington, 27 October 1913 Retrieved from the National Library of New Zealand web site, Papers Past PERSONAL *** The death is also announced of Mr. J. M. Morrow, who last visited New Zealand in May as second officer of the Ionic. He made a number of voyages to these...
  18. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Indifferent to fate since father's death

    Salt Lake Aug. 27 "I don&39;t care what you do with me for my life is worth nothing to me since my father Captain Smith went down in the Titanic" declared John Smith 19 years of age at the police station last night after being arrested for trying to pawn a suit of clothes for the possession of...
  19. M

    News from 1913: Death of John Inman Sealby

    MAB notes: 1. John Sealby and Mary Inman Sealby were the maternal grandparents of Thomas Ismay and the paternal grandparents of John Inman Sealby. 2, John Inman Sealby's brother Joseph was the father of White Star commander Inman Sealby. The Times, 8 February 1913 MR. J. I. SEALBY ---...
  20. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Six Seconds to Disaster: The Death of Titanic