1. S

    A question about deaths in lifeboats

    In a discussion on another forum, the question was raised of how many people, if any, died in the lifeboats as a result of the cold air, or due to being splashed with seawater. I've read that Carpathia buried four to six survivors at sea, but haven't found any information on causes of death. And...
  2. A

    Survivor deaths from 1918 flu pandemic and WWII

    I know several passengers and/or crew were killed during World War I. However, I'd like to know if there was any death related to the 1918 flu pandemic. And also, WWII casualties. I only know of a trimmer who was killed during the heavy bombing of Southampton in 1940. I can't remember his...
  3. M

    News from 1895: Suicide of Capt. Hallett

    The Otago Witness, Dunedin, New Zealand, 25 July 1895 Retrieved from the National Library of New Zealand web site, ANGLO-COLONIAL NOTES --- (From Our Own Correspondent) *** London, *** June 14 *** Many New Zealanders who...
  4. R

    Rheims Lightoller and the Officer's Suicide Enigma

    I noted with dismay a clip from Cameron's film was used in the banner for my new E-T research article which does not mention so much as a word about the film although it deals with the suicide theory which was used in the film. Just a disclaimer saying that it was A. not my idea to put it...
  5. Bob Couttie

    Hypothermia Probably not cause of most deaths

    I haven't yet seen it discussed but the most probably cause of death for those in the water is cold shock, rather than hypothermia. It kills very quickly, in minutes, an is often misdiagnosed as hypothermia, a far longer process.
  6. M

    The Lives and Deaths of Ships

    On 1 January 1889, cattle carrier Runic I (yard number 211) was launched at Harland & Wolff, Belfast. She was sold by White Star in 1895, and then served three other lines under the names Tampican, Imo and Guvernoren.
  7. Stanley C Jenkins

    Officer Suicides & Related Issues

    I have been giving the matter of the supposed officer suicides some thought. This question has been discussed many times before, but there seem to be one or two issues that might be worth raising. For clarity, the questions might be set out as follows: 1. Has anyone yet considered how suicide...
  8. J

    Recording deaths of Lusitania victims

    Would the deaths of Lusitania victims be recorded in the same way as any death is recorded? If so, would that be with the Irish authorities or with the England and Wales BMD records if that casualty was British? I believe that Thomas Prowse who died was my aunt's uncle, but I would like to see...
  9. L

    Survivors' Suicide Attempts

    Hi Can someone please help me. During a conversation I was told of some Titanic survivors committing suicide. After months of trying to find out anything about this I have been unable to find any information on this.This started me thinking about the...
  10. T

    Possible Captain Smith Suicide

    could captain smith of hit into an iceburg on purpose because he new he had to retire after sailing the titanic?? (i just thought of it )
  11. William Graham

    Passenger date of births and deaths

    Can anyone tell me the date of births and deaths of the following passengers and crew: William Stainton valet to Charles Frohman Ronald Denyer valet to Alfred Vanderbilt Harry J.Keser 1st class passenger Mary Bringhurst Floyd Keser 1st class passenger Charles Harwood Knight 1st class...
  12. D

    Deaths of Second Class Women

    I've always wondered why so many women in 2nd class were lost, especially those not traveling with their husbands. I have a theory (nothing more than that!), however, about Mesdames Corbett, Corey and Karnes. Here goes: Somewhere along the line I read that Mrs. Corey was very pregnant(7-9...
  13. M

    Deaths prior sinking

    Hey, Is there any records of deaths prior the sinking? As i'm aware it wasn't all that uncommon for someone to pass away on voyages and had they done so it would have been recorded. If a passenger travelling alone died and they didn't return home following the sinking could it have been...
  14. S

    Terrible Deaths

    Hey Everyone, This is kind of a gross topic. Ever since I've seen Ghost ship, I've had a fascination with gore and blood..(in movies) By the way I want to become a film maker..(horror) Anyways if you all have seen Ghost ship the passengers die a pretty bloody death in the start of the...
  15. C

    Liability for lifeboat deaths

    Maybe someone could shed some light on this. I understand that Captain Bartlett stopped the engines, but decided to restart them and head towards shore to possibly save his ship and crew. Unaware that the lifeboats had been lowered, in doing so, the propellers pulled in lifeboat(s) and killed...
  16. A

    Women's deaths

    The Britanic was a hospital ship with female nurses, did any of them die?
  17. M

    Jack Thayer suicide or

    Dear all, I am keen to find any information or links to past discussions on this subject. I have only read briefly on a past discussions, some references made regarding Jack Thayer's death being ruled a suicide. From what I understand it has been suggested that it may have been a...
  18. Michael Shetina

    Two or Three Stewardess Deaths

    I see a three names for female I see a three names for female crew who died. A Mrs. Snape, and Two Mrs. Wallises. Was this a mistake or were they related?
  19. A

    My opinion on the officer suicides

    Hello, this is my first post since my suspinsion so I would like to apologize to the wrong doing that I was accussed of. I am writing on my opinion on the officer suicides which are very controversial much like the Californian that could cause firey debates and even hurt feelings. Thats NOT my...
  20. Michael Shetina

    Survivor Deaths

    Hi, Can somebody tell me the dates of the following survivors deaths. Theodate Pope Rita Jolivet Avis Dolphin Ian Houlbourn Lady Marguerite Allan Captain William Turner Quartermaster Hugh Johnston The Morton Brothers Dr. Fisher Dorothy Conner Lady Mackworth D.A. Thomas...