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  1. Cam Houseman

    How did the Two Tower Debris break from the Stern? Or did they separate at the surface?

    Hi! A recent thing that has been going through my mind is: How did the Forward and Aft Tower Debris break away from the Stern? Or better yet, did they break away during the initial break up at the Surface? And their journey to the Bottom? A quick Rundown of what the "Hull Towers" are: There are...
  2. Cam Houseman

    Debris Field Photos

    Hi Y'all. This shall be my final group of photos: the Debris Field. To the Port of the Stern: Crane 1 Crane 2 Crane 3: Crane 4 Stern Starboard Side Debris Red and White Tiles (these things are everywhere!) Surviving Rigging? Perhaps from the Mast, or Funnels? Behind the Stern, I...
  3. Cam Houseman

    Proper Debris field Mapping and where to find it?

    Hello, I have recently been trying to look for proper mapping of the Titanic's Debris field (other than the Sonar) Here's two that I'm interested in: 1. The map from Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron. While Parks Stephenson talks, this map, with labeling, shows up. However, it is...
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  5. Cam Houseman

    What is this room?

    In the 1997 Titanic: Anwsers from the Abyss, at 1:08:44, there is a room wit twisted metal, and in the middle looks like like a pillar. Sorry theres no picture, I don't know how to post it. The full documentary is on Youtube. Thanks y'all
  6. TriHull

    What is This?

  7. J

    Guns found in the Debris Field

    Considering that there were guns aboard Titanic, have any been found, or even recovered from, the debris field around the wreck? I ask this because Lightoller mentioned in his memoirs that when he was swimming away from the sinking ship, the gun in his pocket slowed him down so he got rid of...
  8. E

    The Dead Might Have More To Say....

    As technology for probing the Titanic's debris field becomes more precise and sophisticated, Do you think clothing from some of the already disintegrated bodies might be identified and reveal the owner, or possibly contain further valuable information/insight (as in diaries, notebooks, letters...
  9. M

    New Titanic Debris Field Found Grand Staircase Turkish Bath A La Carte Restaurant

    For better or for worse, a recent expedition by R.M.S. Titanic Inc. found a new field of debris just south of the Titanic's stern and salvaged some 75 artifacts before returning. "The field contained mostly remnants of the ship’s first-class A La Carte Restaurant, including the champagne...
  10. P

    Mystery items in the Debris Field

    Hi all, This is my first post on these boards, so please treat me gently! ;-) Last Saturday, I attended a talk at the Science Museum in London (which is hosting an exhibit of Titanic artefacts) where a perfumist recounted the story of how Adolphe Saalfeld's samples of perfumes were recovered...