1. CubickProductions

    Bob Read’s Britannic and Olympic plans

    I’ve been looking everywhere for Bob Read’s plans, and since I can’t purchase them I want to know if anyone has his plans for the Olympic and Britannic (especially the RMS plans for the Britannic and the HMT plans for the Olympic).
  2. nemesisagogo

    Empty corridors

    What is the purpose of the corridors that just have a locker at the end of them ? (I understand the ones that give access to rooms). it just seams a waste of space. picture is from B deck
  3. D

    Answered Titanic plans - some questions

    Hello all. At the beginning I note that I am from Poland and I don't know English very well. He has been interested in the Titanic for over 20 years. Recently, I started to translate plans into Polish. Unfortunately, I could not decipher the two shortcuts and I will not be able to do it without...
  4. T

    G/A Plans Still Around for RMMV Oceanic (III)

    So I was reading a pretty old thread from 2006 saying someone had purchased a set of physical plans of Oceanic from the National Museums of Northern Ireland for an unknown price, and that he was unable to scan said plans due to their size. There was no info given on what version of these plans...
  5. Lucas Szydlowski

    Titanic Hull Lines Plan

    Are there any links where I could purchase the hull lines plan for Titanic? I already have interior deck plans, but I want to map out the exact curvatures for the purpose of digitally modeling Titanic. Any suggestions would be helpful!
  6. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Download Titanic Deckplans

    Download a digital copy of the incredible Titanic deckplans produced by Titanic historian Bruce Beveridge the author of Titanic: The Ship Magnificent. Preview (image size in pixels, jpg format) Profile (13548 × 3600) Boat Deck (5447 × 1257) A-Deck (5909 × 1145) B-Deck (9312 × 1176) C Deck...
  7. J

    Unidentifiable rooms

    I was looking at the deck plans and I found some areas on the deck plans. On each deck, there is an area named "service". What is it those rooms? And what are they used for?
  8. J

    Cabins with direct deck access

    Hi I've been trying to work out - by consulting the deck plans - which cabins on Titanic had doors which led directly to the deck (with the exception of cabins with private promenade decks). In 'The Titanic: Voices from the BBC Archives', one of the passengers, Edith Russell, mentions being in...
  9. Eef Janssen

    Numbers / Measurements bottom of Deckplans

    Hi, I'm new to the forums all tho I've been visiting the site for a long time for info about the Titanic. I have a question that kept me searching, but can't seem to find the answer to. Hopefully there is someone who can tell me the answer. What are the numbers on the bottom of the deckplans...
  10. B-rad

    Where to Find Titanic's Plans

    In Roy Mengot's paper Titanic's Blueprints [Roy Mengot] db-09 he speaks of Titanic's plans that I have seen all over the place, including the one listed on the end of his article. He states that these are open to the public, but I cannot find where to find them. Does anyone know? I would love my...
  11. Cjwalker5

    WSL and H&W Distinctive Design Characteristics

    I'm wondering if they are any certain specific design characteristics of white star line ships that you see in most of their commissioned ships or a certain characteristic from Harland and Wolff. Most designers have a tell or signature characteristic that differentiates their style, I'm...
  12. JJAstorII

    Legend/KEY to deck plans

    I tried to search the forum to try to avoid a duplicate question but couldn't find any accurately answered. Can anyone provide a general key/legend tot he deck plans? Like what's: W (waste? but they seem too big for that): DT: FL: O: H (heater?):
  13. P

    Bruce Beveridge Titanic Deck Plans from Zazzle

    Hello, I recently purchased this item Titanic General Arrangement Plan Poster I just wanted to advise all those looking for a good quality deck plan that this version is blurry and the text illegible. Fortunately my money was refunded after I sent photos displaying the poor printing quality...
  14. J

    Harland and Wolff shipyard plans

    Does anyone know of any harland and wolff shipyard plans diagrams from 1912 or books with them inside. Please
  15. S

    3D Printed Titanic Model

    One thing I'm considering doing at some point when I have the free time required to do it is a printed 1/150 model made one deck at a time. Each deck would be framed for hanging, or they could be stacked to build the ship. The beauty of 3D Printing is this could be done with furniture and most...
  16. E

    Titanic Deck Plans Online

    I'm looking for reasonably accurate Titanic deck plans that are in the public domain. I need to be able to replicate and distribute them digitally, without restriction. Does anyone know whether there are any decent plans out there whose copyright has expired? Can anyone confirm the original...
  17. B

    Sauder Titanic Plans

    I wanted to announce that after several years in the works, I am starting to issue my General Arrangement Plans for Titanic, compiled from primary sources. It's been alluded to several times on E.T. in the past, but rather than revive locked posts I decided to start a fresh thread. The...
  18. C

    The new picture and plans titanic by Bill Sauder

    Hello everyone, I post link's more interesting. See all! Click on the link's: &_trksid=p3286.m63.l1177...
  19. B

    C Deck Cabin Numbers

    Hi All, I am working a deckplan and I needed the correct cabin numbers for the Titanic on C Deck, the plans I am using as a reference I believe are for the Olympic. If anyone can provide this information I would appreciate it. Best Regards, Brian
  20. L

    Deck Plans

    Does anyone know of a website or book or anything that has Cabin numbers for all decks and (if this is possible) the furniture layout of each cabin? Thank-you