1. Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (2/2)

    Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (2/2)

  2. Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (1 / 2)

    Britannic General Arrangement Deck Plans (1 / 2)

  3. M

    Tank Top Plans

    Quick question more related, I think, to the plans themselves than to the actual ship - what is the reason/meaning behind the uneven external hull lines shown in the forward area of the plans for the tank top?
  4. M

    Asterisks on deck plans

    All of the crew accommodations are marked with a single or double asterisk, and many passenger accommodations in2nd and 3rd class carry the same notes. There doesn't seem to be any notes associated with these - what do the asterisks indicate?
  5. Shipnerd

    Viewing deck plans on the site?

    Hello, it's been a while since I've logged on to the site here, but when I go to look for the deck plans now the high res images are gone and all I see are thumbnails, and in order to see anything I have to buy the download. I like to watch the TITANIC H&G video updates on YouTube and use the...
  6. K

    Engine room catwalk plans

    I'm having a tough time trying to find any detailed plans on the arrangement of the catwalks for both the reciprocating engine room and for the turbine engine room. I'd like to be able to trace the paths to such spaces as the engineer's workshop and the paint stores compartment - both of which...
  7. Aquitania199383

    Queen Elizabeth 1939 deck plans

    Hello does anybody have any deck plans for Queen Elizabeth, sister to the Queen Mary, I have searched the internet for hours at a time but I can only find ones you can purchase, if you do have some you would be willing to share do please let me know or share @[email protected] you will be...
  8. Yusuf Khan

    Honour & Glory deck plans

    I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned but the guys at H&G are making a titanic deck plan, and they recently released a video about it: What is the consensus on here about it?
  9. B-rad

    Answered Using Bruce Beveridge's deck plans in up coming book

    Hi everyone, so I am currently in talks with 'The History Press' about a book idea. In it I would love to use snippets of the deck plans by Bruce Beveridge, possibly with added arrows or colored lines to highlight areas and routes. With that said I would obviously need to get permission to use...
  10. JTDillon

    Missing deck plans?

    Are deck plans missing for anyone else? I tried using Chrime and Edge... the page loads, but the area where the deck plans usually load just stays blank
  11. CubickProductions

    Bob Read’s Britannic and Olympic plans

    I’ve been looking everywhere for Bob Read’s plans, and since I can’t purchase them I want to know if anyone has his plans for the Olympic and Britannic (especially the RMS plans for the Britannic and the HMT plans for the Olympic).
  12. JTDillon

    Buying the deck plans?

    Hello everyone, I hope youre all doing good. I enjoy studying the deck plans on the website, but for me the controls are atrocious. If I click and hold to drag the image for instance, even after letting go whenever I move the cursor again the image moves as well so I have to use the arrows...
  13. N

    Any good port side profiles out there?

    Most profiles and side views of Titanic and Olympic always view them from the Starboard side. Are there any good and accurate profiles of the Ships from the Port side? I'm working on some pixel art and I need reference images for the port side of both ships
  14. Cam Houseman

    Would anyone be Interested in Phil Hind doing Olympic's 1911 Deckplans?

    Does anyone think he should? I do!! It'd be easier for projects, and to study Olympic's plans. I've never seen them, the whole thing at least, I've noted the differences, such as the Marconi Room and Officer's Quarters being different. He has Titanic's, so why not? He said he hasn't seen any...
  15. Ethan Nelson

    Deck Plan Page Glitching

    The deck plan page of encyclopedia titanica is now glitching. The format of the page has changed and it is impossible to move around and explore the plans. Please fix this as soon as possible. I will send screenshots of the problem if requested.
  16. nemesisagogo

    Empty corridors

    What is the purpose of the corridors that just have a locker at the end of them ? (I understand the ones that give access to rooms). it just seams a waste of space. picture is from B deck
  17. A

    Britannic deckplans

    Hello.Does anyone where I could find Britannic deckplans?
  18. data-science-dad

    Boiler Casings & Fidleys

    Reviewing the deck plans, specifically the boat deck, I became curious about the section between the char/pilot rooms and officer's lavatory. Specifically, the Nos 5&6 Boiler Casing, Fidelity, and Trunk|Vent portions. I have tried searching for those terms but am unable to get much information...
  19. L

    Plans for Oceanic II, Teutonic and Britannic I/Germanic

    Hi! Does anyone know if/where I can find plans for the Teutonic, Oceanic 2, Britannic 1 or the Germanic? I have bits and pieces of these plans but no full ones. Thanks, Levi
  20. D

    Answered Titanic plans - some questions

    Hello all. At the beginning I note that I am from Poland and I don't know English very well. He has been interested in the Titanic for over 20 years. Recently, I started to translate plans into Polish. Unfortunately, I could not decipher the two shortcuts and I will not be able to do it without...